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Tote (S) “Peach and chestnut three years, persimmon eight years” departure

Tote (S) “Peach and chestnut three years, persimmon eight years” departure

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The S-sized tote bag is compact enough to fit essentials such as a long wallet, folding umbrella, and cell phone in a pouch. You can also store 500ml water bottles and plastic bottles vertically.
The handle is long enough to be easily carried on the arm. It is also recommended to use it as a sub bag.

AMONG's signature design, the ``Peach and Chestnut Three Years and Persimmons Eight Years'' pattern, as the name suggests, is drawn with peaches, chestnuts, and persimmons as motifs.
In the past, when two designers were stuck, one of them said, ``Let's move forward with time on our side,'' and ``We live in a world that tends to demand speed and
efficiency, but it's important to take your time. There are times when I don't know what to do. Just wearing black and white is not the answer, but I have to move forward while holding the gray state under my arm.'' This pattern was born from that realization and peace of mind.

Using original textiles dyed using Yokohama's traditional printing technique,
Each piece is hand-sewn by a craftsman.

Because the pattern is large, each item has a different pattern.
Please enjoy it as a one-of-a-kind item that cannot have two identical patterns.

message: Let's take time on our side and proceed slowly.
Now, it's time for a new start. Let's go!

Textile: Peach chestnut 3rd year persimmon 8th year Color: Departure (red)
Size: height 20.5cm x width 33cm, gusset: 12cm
Inner pocket: 12.5cm x 20cm
Handle length: 34cm
Inner pocket width 20cm x height 12.5cm
Material: 100% cotton
Printing method/Made in Japan

*Model height: 159cm

* Depending on the product, the pattern placement may differ from the image. Thank you for your understanding.

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