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LAST1・Pumpkin pants “Kanna” fresh_2

LAST1・Pumpkin pants “Kanna” fresh_2

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AMONG's first baby item "Pumpkin Pants".
Even when you are sleeping, lying on your stomach, crawling or touching.
It's irresistibly cute at any moment!
Wear it under a dress or skirt, or layer it with leggings...
Adults around you will be healed just by looking at it♪
Recommended as a gift regardless of gender.

Message: Wearing the canna pattern, which is full of vitality, is the beginning of a new journey. When I look around, everything is new. Let's take a breath of fresh air.

Textile: Kanna
Color: Fresh (green)
Size: 60~80 equivalent
Waist (around) 40cm, maximum length 60cm
Rise 21cm Inseam 5cm
Hip width (around) 76cm

Material: 100% cotton
Hand-printed printing method/Made in Japan

You can wear it either front or back.

*Due to the large size, the pattern of the motif will vary from piece to piece. Please note that it is not exactly the same as the photo.

*Photos 3-4 Model height 73cm Weight 9kg
*Photos 5-6 Model height 68cm Weight 8.5kg

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