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Patch “Hanamsubi”

Patch “Hanamsubi”

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This is a fantastic patch that I developed several years ago! The patch that was lent to another shop for a while is back. This is like a butterfly knot. ``Hanamusubi'' is a knot that is easily untied and can be re-tied many times, so it is used to express gratitude, greetings, and commemorative events at general celebrations other than weddings, expressing the wish to repeat it over and over again. How to tie mizuhiki. Since it's in the auspicious shape of Hanamusubi, I think it would be a fun addition to gifts for celebrations. Gold and silver look mature. I hope you have a day full of joy. We will give you a 50% discount from the original price of 1000 yen to 500 yen.

Message: Have a happy day with Hanamusubi
Size: approx. 20mm x 30mm
Material: 100 % polyester
made in Japan

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