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Scarf ``Kanna'' (40% silk, 60% rayon)

Scarf ``Kanna'' (40% silk, 60% rayon)

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A gentle pink-brown color gently wraps around your neck.

The material, silk rayon, is characterized by a light, soft, moist and supple blend, and a luxurious luster. It has a melt-in-your-mouth feel that you won't want to let go of once you wrap it.

However, it has excellent heat retention and breathability, so it can be used to adjust the temperature difference and is also useful in winter.

Message: Wearing a plane pattern full of vitality is the beginning of a new journey. Today, let's tone it down a little and spend some time relaxing.

Color: Easy (pink brown x beige/gray)
Size: 107cm x 107cm
Material: 40% silk, 60% rayon
Printing method/Made in Japan

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