What I learned from pregnancy

Hello, this is Kaneko from Amang.

It has finally started!
Amang is currently opening a store in front of the umbrella section on the first floor of Yokohama Takashimaya.
Until October 8th (Tuesday). We are currently holding various events to commemorate our 60th anniversary.
The Great Hokkaido Exhibition is also held on the 8th floor.
(The Hokkaido exhibition is said to be the project that attracts the most customers at department stores.)
Hokkaido remains popular! )


New color stoles and new bags are popular.
Also recommended as a gift.
I'm not kidding, there are some extremely small quantities, so
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As I announced the other day, I am pregnant.
Unexpectedly, we were unable to get it to the store during Amang's busy season.

Things that used to be commonplace can no longer be done.
And suddenly.

And since it's still early, with no fetal movements,
I felt like someone who was just sick and couldn't do anything.
I still feel anxious about being left behind by the world,
I thought it was amazing how many people were able to overcome something like this.
Mothers of the world! thank you!

Moreover, the possibility of miscarriage is still high.
It seems that many people make announcements after entering a stable period.
I feel like maybe that's why women don't talk about the circumstances of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy.

I don't have a big stomach, so it's hard for people around me to notice.
Are you really pregnant? There are days when I feel unwell and feel anxious.

Of course, whenever
Everyone faces the risk of not knowing what will happen, but
In terms of Amang,
"What will I do if I don't announce it now? It's too difficult!"
I came to the conclusion that ``I should announce it quickly and ask for help!'' so I announced it.

As a result, even though he wasn't even born yet,
I received many words of congratulations,
I received encouraging advice from people who had experienced it, telling me that it was like this when I was there.
I was told that I could help with something...
(Not only from friends, but also from customers! ← I'm happy that this kind of thing is like Amangu.)

After making the announcement, I felt relieved and received strong support.
It was really good. thank you.
It's important to tell them about your situation and get help...
Looking back on the past, there were long periods when I couldn't do that... AMONG tote

With Kaneko and Nakamura always at the store,
Because the content of Amang becomes diluted,
We need to do more work to deepen Amang...

That's what I was thinking.

That's why I'm worried about not being able to go to the store,
Of course I feel lonely not being able to meet customers,
I believe this is a period of change for Amang.

I'm really glad I had an internet environment and SNS.
Without it, I would be really lonely. dying alone.
If I didn't have a smartphone and a computer,
There are too few jobs that can be done at home...
Oh my god! Inventors! !

What I feel most about this experience is
Rather than worrying about the baby,

“Right now, in this moment, I’m alive.
It's a miracle for you and me! ”

That's what it means.

There are many different risks,
Anyway, get over it
We are alive now.

Although the environment and situation are various, I am alive.

I think this is really amazing.

It's a series of miracles .

AMONG stall

↑The name of the pattern and color of “strata” is “miracle”.
It feels right now.
Ammonite is like Pacman lol

AMONG scarf

It goes well with denim-like fabrics,

AMONG scarf

For the upcoming season, also in dark colors.
Of course, it would also look cute with colored tops such as orange or green.

Disgusting things,
things that don't go well,
Troublesome things,
I just want to die even more
I think there are times when you feel that way.

But the reason I feel that way is because I am alive.

Come to think of it, there was a song that said, ``Just by being alive, you make a lot of money.''
I wonder if that's what he meant.

And the people I met through that miracle.

This is also amazing.
When I think about it, everyone's presence is too bright.
I can't open my eyes. (That's a lie, it's a big lie)

Meeting people is really strange, isn't it?
We met many times,
You have a great bond with someone you spend a lot of time with!

I really think they are opening in department stores for a limited time.
“Encounters are strange!”

That's why I'm thinking of a "once in a lifetime" design.

Ichigo Ichie...

Of course I'll sneak in strawberries lol
(He was the one who thought of making it strawberry...)

Ah, I said it ~ I have to move on lol

So, after all
“Living your life to the fullest” is
I guess it's each mission.

Do what you want to do and live life to the fullest!

At Amangu, we create products with these things in mind.
That's why the product name has changed lol

including ourselves,
I hope everyone can stay healthy every day.
I always think that.

For that reason, I have to prepare myself first.

Oh, there is also a color name called "Totonoeyo".
Not so much anymore though. Nice color with transparency. AMONG stall

"Road/Unknown" pattern. The name of the color is "Totonoeyo".
This stole is made of 100% cotton.

AMONG tote

This is also ``totonoe''.
This M size is the last one.

AMONG tote

Ah, this is also the last one. S size. Pattern A.

AMONG tote

a! This is also the last! S size. Pattern B.
Now on sale at Yokohama Takashimaya!
(Actually, each pattern is different.)

So, this is an important day where miracles overlap.
I'm feeling good today too!

see you~~

AMONG Momoko Kaneko


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