Collection: Scarf

AMONG scarves feature bold motifs inspired by nature. The way the pattern comes out is different on each half, so it's great that you can get a completely different look depending on how you wrap it! I can't get enough of the fun feeling of having two in one. Each piece has an exciting story. Enjoy the deep colors that are dyed by craftsmen in Yokohama.

There are four types of materials: cotton, silk rayon, cotton rayon, and 100% silk (petite size only).

``Cotton'' has a smooth feel and can be used comfortably even in the middle of summer.
Machine washable! I'm glad to have that sense of security. It gives a casual impression that is unique to cotton. Please use this as a piece that you can use every day!

Silk rayon is light, soft, moist and supple to the touch, and has a luxurious glossy surface. Light and warm! If you want to wrap it around your head, choose silk rayon, which is supple and has a great fit.

"Cotton rayon" is just in between! You can enjoy both the smooth feel of cotton and the smooth, thick feel of rayon.

"100% Silk" is a petite size of 52 x 52 cm. Just wrap it around your T-shirt for a neat look! Enjoy the luster, luxury, and soft feel of 100% silk.


The lineup of scarves in stores and online shops is the same, so there is a possibility that items sold out in stores may be available in online shops. If we find out that the item is sold out after completing the online purchase process, we will process your refund. Thank you for your understanding.