Collection: Pouch

Of all the things we carry around every day, I think the next most important thing after our wallets and cell phones is a pouch. It's just the right size to fit cosmetics, chargers, and bankbooks.

The square-shaped pouch is made of the same "No. 8 canvas" fabric as the tote bag. Its firmness gives it a crisp impression.

The colorful and fun pouch that matches the scarf has rounded corners. The AMONG logo charm is on the zipper. It's so cool! (Please note that this logo charm will be available until stock runs out.)

This pouch also has a moderate firmness. It doesn't get floppy, so it's easy to put small items in! The bumps inside don't make a sound. At first glance, it's flat and has no gusset, so you might think "it won't hold much," but it has a good storage capacity! It also makes a great gift.