Collection: tote

AMONG tote bags come in four sizes: S, M, and M/L with side pockets.
Use the small size tote bag to store essentials such as a long wallet, folding umbrella, and cell phone in the pouch when going out to lunch or a cafe. The handle is long enough to be easily carried on the arm. A 500ML water bottle or plastic bottle can be stored vertically. There's something special about the joy of going out with a small bag. It is also recommended to use it as a sub bag.

The medium size tote has pockets on the sides. Can fit water bottles, folding umbrellas, pass cases, etc. Many repeat customers say it's too convenient to pass up!
The horizontally long and clean shape allows it to be worn smoothly over the shoulder.

A 13-inch PC and magazines can fit securely. Feels safe even if your luggage suddenly increases◎

L size has a large capacity. When you need to change clothes or go to class, you will probably have more luggage due to shopping! A generous size for peace of mind.
It is also popular as a mom bag. The large size doubles as the small size, so it's a safe size when you have a lot of luggage.

There is also a type with a shoulder strap!

A large-capacity shoulder bag that can also be used as a tote. AMONG's shoulder bag has a square shape with two side pockets.

It fits well with three-dimensional sneakers, so it's also recommended for the gym or classes. The square shoulder bag has a large inner pocket. When you put your iPad or notebook inside, it won't fall over, so it's neat. You can also put a water bottle in the outside pocket and go for a walk at your favorite park!

*All bags are sewn one by one by craftsmen. Because the pattern is large, the pattern appears differently on each item. Please enjoy it as a one-of-a-kind item.