AMONG beer and champagne

Hello! AMONG This is Takano.

It's the season where the fresh greenery shines brightly and the pleasant breeze blows through!

Personally, I love this season!
However, there are temperature differences between morning and night, and from day to day, making it difficult to regulate body temperature.

Wow, the green is dazzling!

So, stalls have been very useful lately.

I wrap it up quickly when I'm going out and it's a bit cold, and when I walk and it gets hot, I take it off and put it on and take it off frequently.

AMONG's stole is made of 100% cotton material.
◎Silk rayon material made of 40% silk and 60% rayon
There are two types.

I have 3 pieces, 2 pieces of cotton and 1 piece of silk rayon, but these two types have quite different textures, and even the same cotton material can change over time, so today I can't tell you how it feels. I think so.

cotton material

“Peach and chestnut three years, persimmon eight years” harmony (used for 2 months)

AMONG stall

"Kanna" walk (used for half a year, heavy rotation)

AMONG stall

To put it simply, the cotton material has a lively feel to it.

No matter how much your neck sweats or your child drools on it, you can wash it in the washing machine! There is a sense of security.

AMONG stall

↑ In the second month, the "Peach Chestnut Three Year Persimmon Eight Year" harmony still has large grains and a strong crisp feel.

AMONG stall

↑ After using Hebirote for half a year, the wrinkles have calmed down and the skin looks much flat.
I feel that my skin is becoming more familiar with it. It feels like a part of my body.

Thanks to this grain, or rather unevenness, it doesn't stick to your skin even in the summer, making you feel smooth and comfortable.
Also, wrapping it will prevent your neck from getting sunburned in the summer! When Nakamura and Kaneko told me this, I realized that it was quite a blind spot, and I'm thinking of using it that way this summer.

silk rayon material

Birth of “strata” (used for 2 months)
AMONG stall

In one word, it has a mature and elegant feel. Its softness and consistency make me feel like I need to handle this child with care.

The heat retention properties of silk will keep your neck warm in the fall and winter.
Even in the middle of summer, it can sometimes be extremely cold indoors despite the heat outside. In times like these, you are a strong ally.

AMONG stall

A silk rayon with a glossy surface that makes it look like an older sister.

After using these stalls for about half a year, I thought:
The cotton material is beer!
The silk rayon material looks like champagne!
That's what it means.

Just like opening and drinking a beer, cotton instantly takes shape even when rolled up vigorously.

Pop, tok tok tok...
Like carefully poured champagne, silk rayon gently rolls up and elevates you.

Although they both have something in common that they are foamy drinks, they each have their own good points, and you can choose one depending on your preference and purpose.

You can wash it at home, so you can use it for daily use, and you can also use it for short outings.

Click here for detailed care instructions

Click here for how to roll

Are you a beer person? Champagne fan?

AMONG Takano

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