Badge fun

I added red to the border and made colorful badges from the edges of the fabric that can be used in the manufacturing process of scarves and handkerchiefs . Put your badge on your regular shirt. It's strange because it just makes it so much more fun. It's lightweight and flat, so the cut and sew doesn't stretch or get in the way of movement , which is great.
It is also recommended to layer and combine colors and patterns.
Try it on your bag Spring color combination

The 38mm size is also useful when tying your hair together using a hair tie. Try matching it with a stole, earrings, or a mask. Please choose according to your style and mood that day.
Just pass the rubber through the pin on the back Also as a hair accessory

Please use the 57mm size as a focal point on your chest. All items are unique with different patterns. Please choose your favorite.