Cotton stoles & scarves

daily cotton

textile: The layered cotton feels good. This cotton is smooth and absorbent, and the more you use it, the softer it becomes. It also has a ``grain'' on the surface, making it less likely to get wrinkled. If you put one in your bag, it will also be useful for sudden temperature changes and protection from the sun.
textile: Peach chestnut 3 years persimmon 8 years If you want supple softness and luster and a sophisticated atmosphere, choose ``silk modal'', and if you want to use it without worrying about sweat or dirt or want to enjoy a smooth texture, choose ``cotton''. Please choose. Washing is easy. Put it in the net and put it in the washing machine. After washing in hand wash mode, just unfold it to dry. If you are concerned about wrinkles, please iron it.

There are two sizes: square and large rectangle.
textile: kanna
If it's square, you can use it as a shoulder bag like this. We often hear from smaller people that it is easy to use.
The large rectangular size can also be used like a pareo. Be sure to take it with you on trips to temples and other places where you want to cover up your skin.
textile: spice