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Multicolored masks Masks are now a daily necessity.
We developed this mask because we wanted to choose something bright and cheerful, and wear something comfortable to wear.
Choose the one that best suits your mood and coordination today. You'll definitely feel excited just by putting it on.
I like the beautiful color on the inside too.
All masks are colorful and fun, with a focus on the color and pattern of the handkerchief, even to the inside that cannot be seen, and are all one-of-a-kind.
Each item has a different pattern, so please choose your favorite.
Free size and recommended for both men and women.

When worn
Point 1: Cool, easy to talk to, beautiful, exquisite silhouette!
It has a beautiful three-dimensional shape with a moderate bulge that prevents your lips from touching the mask as much as possible.
As a result, we have created a comfortable mask that is cool, easy to talk to, resists makeup and sunscreen, has a beautiful silhouette when worn, and is comfortable to wear.
The size covers close to your ears, so it also protects you from sunburn.
Exquisite three-dimensional feeling

Special point 2: There is a pocket on the inside. You can insert gauze and filters if necessary (gauze and filters are not included). 
Pocket for gauze, etc.
Special point 3: Custom-colored ear rubber.
An exquisite color that will satisfy your sense of fashion without worrying about makeup sticking to it. It is highly elastic and soft to the touch, and is one size fits all for both men and women to wear comfortably.
The rubber is gentle to the touch and has an exquisite color.

Special point 4: The three-dimensional stitching and nose fitter provide an excellent fit.
With nose fitter
Also recommended as a gift. If you would like free gift wrapping, please write "Gift" in the notes section of your shopping cart.

*We will ship using "Yu-Packet", which is the least expensive shipping service after we have confirmed arrival. We can send items 1cm thick (up to 5 masks or handkerchiefs) for 250 yen.