Collection: Purse with a clasp

The fun of gamaguchi is this shape. Every time I click it open, I feel a little nostalgic joy.

AMONG's pouches are sturdy and have deep colors that can be used by adults on a daily basis using a hand-printed method. Made of thick cotton material called "No. 8 hump" for firmness. there is.
It has an inside pocket, and the inside comes in two colors: coral red and navy. Bright colors that catch the eye when you open them are good, and calm and chic colors are also hard to throw away.

You can also use it as a key case. House keys, bicycle keys, mailbox keys, etc. Before you know it, many people find that a bunch of keys has become a daily necessity. It protects your important keys without making the noise of them banging around in your bag. It can also be used as a wallet for storing your seal or for short outings.

Fold the bill in three. It's the perfect size to fit watermelons, point cards, and credit cards. Store all the point cards that you keep accumulating in a pouch! That's the recommended way to use it.

It's also fun to match the bags and purses.