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textile: Chrysanthemum ``kachumu'' is a head accessory that looks like a hair band. A very convenient item that can greatly change your overall impression to be more fashionable just by applying it tightly. Try pairing it with loungewear such as simple cut-and-sew pants and pants that are simple and easy to move in.
textile: When tying up your chrysanthemum hair, you can use badges of the same color as hair ties. Try matching or choosing opposite colors...enjoy color coordination.
You can choose from badges .
textile: fish out of water

Textile: The back of the chrysanthemum is made of rubber, so it doesn't hurt or slip off even after long periods of use. The color of the rubber was chosen to match the fabric. In addition, it was made using a manufacturing method that does not allow for rubber knots. There are no knots, so it won't roll around. It comes with AMONG's original charm, and the back view is impeccably beautiful.
original charm

It is also recommended when cooking or cleaning up.
It's strange because it makes me feel energized and motivated, just like when I roll up my sleeves.
You can also use it when you can't decide on a hairstyle or when you want to tie up unruly hair that has grown out. It is also recommended for online meetings.
The material is 100% cotton and can be washed at home, so you can feel refreshed even during the sweaty season.