long wallet

I made a long wallet

Painting directly on the leather A sleek long wallet made from cow leather made by painting directly on the leather. It took about a year from the conception, many prototypes and meetings, and the final design completed by craftsmen is an easy-to- use product that we are proud of. Although it is thin and does not take up much space, it has plenty of capacity. The streamlined, sharp silhouette and hand-painted paint create an exquisite balance that suits playful adults. You can store bills without folding them, and there is plenty of storage capacity for cards. There are 5 pockets on each side (one of which can hold long receipts, etc.).

In the center is a coin case. Even though it doesn't have a zipper or snap button, it's designed to be perfectly deep so it won't spill out in your wallet!

Abundant storage capacity

The theme is ``Ikkoikko.'' As soon as you open the zipper, you can put coins in and take them out.The coins open wide, making it easy to see and take them out. It's so comfortable that you won't want to stop using it once. 

Comes with a bag for storage.The surface is made of glossy tanned leather, and it feels so smooth to the touch that you'll want to stroke it forever. The more you use it, the more it will blend in and become darker to a candy color, so enjoy your own changes over time. The scratches are not noticeable, so I think you can use it for a long time.
Comes with an original cloth bag, so it makes a great gift.
Please use the cloth bag as a pouch.
It is a wallet with a rich expression.