The sun and the moon

It took more than 24 hours by boat from Takeshiba Pier to visit Ogasawara Village in Tokyo, an island designated as a World Heritage Site.
If you have a chance to visit, this is an island that you should definitely visit. There is another world out there.

On the island , the daily weather is more familiar to me than in the city, and I had time in my daily life to say, ``Let's go see the sunset.''

I was surprised at how bright the moonlight was. I can clearly see my own shadow in the moonlight.

The night of the new moon is pitch black. I was surrounded by a starry sky.

Well, in the city, I didn't notice it because of the strength of the city lights. There are so many stars and so much moonlight that illuminates the night.
Even if you forget, the sun always carries time and brings morning and night.

When you come into contact with nature

"Ah, that's right~ That's right~"

'That feeling'. That feeling of being able to sort yourself out somehow.

This textile was designed with the hope that you can live your life with that feeling close to you at all times.