daily outing bag

fabric: Michi / Unknown

Bags are roughly divided into four sizes. Shoulder bag, S shoulder bag, tote bag S and M.
The shoulder bag allows both hands to be free, so it is convenient for riding a bicycle or as a mom bag. It has plenty of capacity so you can even change clothes for yoga, gym, etc.
fabric: Spicies

S size tote bag is perfect for carrying necessities such as a long wallet, folding umbrella, and cell phone in the pouch when you go out to lunch or a cafe. It doesn't take up much space, so it's smart even during busy times. It's also convenient when you're staying at a hotel or going to a hot spring.

fabric: Strata

M size is the perfect size to fit A4 paper. The long handle makes it easy to use. You can easily store your necessities such as a magazine you are reading, a water bottle, glasses, and a stole. This size has received feedback from many people that it is perfect for everyday outings.

fabric: Canna

Our shoulder bag is a neat size with a leather strap.
It has a gusset so it's great for storing all your essentials. I came up with this bag because I wanted a bag that I could use at the hotel's breakfast buffet. We have created a shoulder bag for adults who want to keep their valuables on them but want to keep both hands free.
*All bags are sewn one by one by bag craftsmen in Asakusa. Because the pattern is large, the pattern will appear differently on each item (not exactly the same as the online photo).
Please enjoy it as a one-of-a-kind item.