Things you didn't know about pregnant women and the story of opening an Isetan Shinjuku store

Hello, this is Kaneko from Amang.

My belly is now 7 months old.
It's amazing how it grows little by little day by day.
It's definitely expanding every day!
I'm starting to feel pressure and pain in the base of my feet...
Bladder pressure, near restroom.
The fetal movements are ``pounding''.
When it twitches regularly, it seems like it's shaking.

but! Apparently we have entered a super stable period.
Is this a stable period? ! !

I can now walk a lot and my physical strength has recovered!
I can move without napping. I can move!
I also went to Hakone.
Hot springs are the best.

AMONG shoulder

Breakfast buffet.
Shoulder bag S size is back in action~~
After this I rolled up my sleeves lol

It seems like a lie that I couldn't stand on the train for even 5 minutes.
I can give up my seat now! LOL (I would like to sit if it's okay, lol)

And it seems that when you're pregnant, your oral environment becomes more disturbed.
Did you know that?
I didn't know at all...
Pregnant women undergo major changes, even in their mouths.

As female hormones increase, saliva secretion decreases,
Brushing your teeth becomes difficult during morning sickness,
This makes them more susceptible to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Even though I was thinking, ``I have to go to the dentist,''
I'm the type of person who won't go until it hurts. Lol (Nakamura has regular check-ups and is so excited. Does everyone go there?)

I learned that the mother's tooth decay bacteria can be transferred to the baby.
I finally took the plunge and started going to the dentist.

When I started working on the parts I had been ignoring,
What a great sense of accomplishment! refreshing!

I really love eating, so let's make sure I can continue eating healthy with my own teeth for the rest of my life!
I'll die if I can't eat anymore...

Thank you, my baby, for giving me such a wonderful opportunity!
thank you! I want to eat with my own teeth for the rest of my life.

And before I can't eat slowly,
Let's go there now!
For me, this place is full of restaurants,
Days of struggle with weight management. lol I walk a lot to eat.

But it's hard...
My silhouette is “Michelin”!
I'm so excited! Hmm.
Interesting sculpture.

Fasting and Ayurveda taught me the beauty of not eating sometimes.
I want to enjoy myself while detoxing well.

I try to keep it low at night - this is really good.
Wake up refreshed in the morning.

Also, it's so annoying when my feet get slippery when I sleep!
This is also a minor problem for some pregnant women. lol


Well, next time it's finally Shinjuku Isetan!
2/19 (Wed) - 2/25 (Tue) 1st floor stall sales floor.

To be honest,
(To be honest!? I don't think it's a secret lol)
Isetan Shinjuku store, due to sales floor renewal,
We are shrinking the space for our pop-up shop.
The cosmetics section is expanding.

So, I might not be able to participate in the event this year...
It was originally a fierce battle, but it was reduced...
I thought, ``Hmm...'' (almost giving up).

but! but!
Amangu has a voice!
That's a blessing.

Thanks to all the customers who shopped at Isetan Shinjuku store.
For those who came to the store aiming for Amang,
For those who happen to be passing by,
Thank you very much for shopping with us.

Shopping is definitely connected to the future.
I usually tend to forget about that, but
I would like to think carefully and make purchases that will create a better future.

Shopping is the most familiar and voting activity that everyone does every day.
It's not about each person.
I want to create a bright future with everyone♪

AMONG tote

Amang is for that purpose as well.
“I want it!” “Like!”
I will continue to search for things and things that will make people even more happy.

a! The sold out pouch wallet (coin case) is back in stock.
Maybe at the end of this month~ Look forward to it! !

see you~~

AMONG Momoko Kaneko


2020 AMONG store opening information

AMONG scarf
Isetan Shinjuku store 1F stall section

Isetan Tachikawa store 2F stall sales floor

Keikyu Kamiooka 3F Women's Accessories Department

Yokohama Takashimaya 1F Women's Accessories Department

Matsuya Ginza 1F Women's Accessories Department


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