Amang Haneda Airport debut! Isetan Haneda Store!

Hello, this is Kaneko from Amang.

Additional store opening information !
"Isetan Haneda Store (Ladies) Terminal 1"
Haneda Airport International Terminal 1 2nd floor Gate Lounge (South) Near boarding gate 10
Scheduled period: Early June to end of August 2019

(Once the Isetan Urawa store has opened, we will replace the tags on the products and send them to you.)
Even within the same Isetan store, the barcodes on the price tags are different for each store. Sho Urawa store is finally open until June 4th (Tuesday)! )


We love airports!
I feel like I'm jumping out into a world I haven't seen yet, and I feel like I'm having fun with people from all over the world...
I had a vague fantasy that I would like to have one at the airport someday.
I would be happy if someday we could do in-flight sales on airplanes.

I never expected it to become a reality through Isetan!
Thank you to everyone who shopped.
I am always grateful for your help.

I think many of you are familiar with this store.
It is located in the departure gate lounge, which is only accessible to passengers boarding an airplane.
*Arrival guests can use this service before going to the arrival lobby.

Just summer vacation! !

Please take a look and take photos of the store and send them to me. (I would be very happy if you could prevent other customers from being photographed.)

We will also be there to support the sales for a few days, but the dates have not yet been decided.

Great for when you're boarding a plane (it's cold), when traveling (it can also be used as a sunshade), or as a souvenir for returning home! (Mom and grandma will definitely be happy♪)

There's a stall! !
It would be great if you could buy it at Isetan's select shop!

AMONG stall

This time, since it's in a select shop, it looks like some of AMONG's stoles and scarves will be on sale.
(The space is small. There are two shelves. Don't imagine a large sales floor, lol.)

Probably no bag.
(If you want to see the entire collection, please come to Sendai, Nakameguro, or Kamakura♪)

My recent problem is that in the spring and fall we have a location to open a store, and we can expect sales, but summer and winter have been an issue. (Basically, stalls sell best in spring and autumn.)

AMONG scarf

So, last year, I didn't sell too much in the summer and winter, and this year, I died.

“I don’t want there to be a month where I don’t sell.”
What a close friend of mine at the clothing store told me hit deep in my heart. . . .

“Is that so?! (Disappointed)”

After all, there are people who won't understand until they experience it lol

As the number of stores increased, we had to purchase more items, but we found ourselves in a situation where we didn't have enough money. Yes, I'm an idiot. Well, I can't help it.
The number of stores opened was more than I expected.
So, we ended up in a situation where we couldn't pay enough for our labor costs...

No, absolutely no, no way to continue!

That's why I truly feel it from the bottom of my heart.
It's quite amazing to receive a regular salary every month!

I didn't understand that...

The president is amazing! Great!
The company that creates the business structure is truly amazing.
Because it means you're helping someone.

Therefore, anytime
"It's placed in a place where people can see it" = "There's a chance of it selling"

If it was left in a warehouse, there's no way anyone would know about it, and there's no way it would sell.

about it. lol


This is it~
That's obvious when you write it down! That's what I think! ? lol That's amazing~~

There's a product, there's a sales floor, there's a place where you can show it off.
The more places you can match with customers, the better!

Ah, my way of thinking has changed after trying it.
That's what I thought as I was writing this. Lol (I didn't really think I had to sell a lot! ← It's no good)

AMONG belt

While doing this, I gained a better understanding of reality and learned a little bit about how the world works.

We were able to start from scratch because we didn't know anything.

Shigematsu Productions also told me that the price is set at a very fine line.
*Mr. Shigematsu is a wonderful woman who works as a corporate management consultant in Yokohama City.
(He often appears on FB and Instagram)

Once a month, I take time to think about the direction of Amang.
It's free with Yokohama City's support project (IDEC)! God! Thank you Yokohama!

Thanks to this meeting, we were able to accomplish many things that we were unable to do together.
It's all set quickly. Yes, it feels very good.

Mr. Shigematsu
“At this cost, I wouldn’t pay this price…
(That means it's cheap lol)

However, the current price may be selling well because it is differentiated from others, so it is better not to raise the price! It's harder to find reasons why something is selling than why it's not selling . Be careful when changing prices.

“Ah, it’s cheap after all~~~ lol Yes!! Understood! I’ll leave it as is for now!”

We love Mr. Shigematsu, who always gives advice that is extremely accurate and that we wholeheartedly agree with.
It's a one-year contract, but I'd like to see him again the following year.

After all, if we were the only ones looking at things, we would be biased, so we really appreciate a third-party perspective.

If you are trying to do something by yourself and get stuck, I think it would be a great idea to consult a professional. However, it is difficult to find someone who is a professional because I think they have a certain taste and compatibility.

Anyway, I'll do my best to do what I can today.

AMONG stall

Ah, I want to go to Hachijojima. There are only a few stalls left in the sea.

Anyway, I bought a Shinkansen ticket to Sendai! lol
Sendai, Fujisaki (department store)
6/13 (Thursday) - 6/19 (Wednesday)

We will be at the store for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I will arrive around noon on Friday the 14th.

First Sendai! I'm looking forward to the beef tongue and hot springs! !

If you know anyone near Sendai,
I would cry with joy if you let me know!


LINE@ has been well-received by everyone who enjoys watching the movements of Amang as if they were watching a catfish.
*How many centimeters did the catfish in the aquarium move today? A customer told me that it was similar to the fun of having fun lol

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Don't worry, we don't know who registered.
This is a system in which you can learn about the customer only when you start talking with them.
Of course, this will be a private conversation with Amang, so other customers won't be able to see it.
Please feel free to inquire about our products.

see you~~!

AMONG Momoko Kaneko

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