The story behind the opening of 9 stores ~The power of handkerchiefs~

Hello! This is Kaneko from Amang.

I got through the first half of the year, got married,
I went to Thailand (amang training trip ♪),
I caught a cold, it lasted a long time, and now here I am lol

How are you all doing? (^^)

[Isetan Mitsukoshi Group, Color Festival]
Now it will be available for sale at department stores all over the world!
picture! Is there such a thing?

It will be for three weeks from August 21st to September 10th .
The location is around the women's goods department and handkerchief department.

AMONG items

[Isetan Tachikawa store] *8/21-27 We have exclusive staff for Amang.
Kaneko and Nakamura will also be at the store at the right time!
8/21~27 Tachikawa store has stalls etc.
[Isetan Urawa store]
[Isetan Shizuoka store]
[Sapporo Mitsukoshi]
[Sendai Mitsukoshi]
<Handled items> New bags, pouches, handkerchiefs

AMONG tote

The new bag is made between S size and M size.

[Isetan Sagamihara store]
[Niigata Isetan]
[Isetan Fuchu store]
[Takamatsu Mitsukoshi]
<Items available> Pouches, handkerchiefs *Bags are not for sale.

At 9 department stores at the same time,
You can see some of the Amang products!
It's so strange! !
Thank you ~ I never imagined that such a future would come...

The process leading up to this was interesting, so I'm writing about it.


Sometimes, [Amang] means,
What brand is it? How do you want to proceed?
I am asking.

After all, things change as you go along,
Each time, a course correction is necessary.

Both Nakamura and I have changed since we started Amang five years ago.
It is natural that Amang will change accordingly.

I used to be
“Is it okay to change?”
I felt like , ``Do I have to stick to what I decided at the beginning?''
There was resistance to change. (What kind of imprint is that? lol)

On the other hand, from my point of view, Nakamura is
I was thinking , “Well, I’m alive, so it’s only natural that things change !”

I gradually got used to it too.
The thoughts of the people you are with have a big influence.

No matter how you look at it, it's bound to change.

AMONG stall

Unrelated but white tiger

It's always a series of choices, and it's difficult to make a decision because there's no right answer.

If anything, "I'll do it the way I want to do it."
That's probably the correct answer, lol

As you gain experience,

“It would be nice if it were like this.”
“This will sell.”

Thoughts like this always come to mind.

That's important, but if you're not careful,
It's becoming very boring.
Ugh, that's boring.

While maintaining balance,
Is the secret to continuing to take on challenges?
Is that a contradiction?

As for the handkerchiefs , as some of you may know, the base is Amang's first collection.
Most of the patterns are from the second collection's stoles.
It's from the early days of Amang.

AMONG handkerchief

Sea handkerchief Mikurajima

The manufacturing method is not stencil dyeing, but hand printing.
It is dyed by machine using the inkjet method.

I think it would be a good idea to imagine a giant version of the paper printer you have at home.

Since there is no mold, it is suitable for colorful multicolor printing.
Even though it is dyed by machine, it is done in the same factory in Yokohama.
There is a dedicated craftsman and the dyeing is done carefully.

So, if you're thinking that the atmosphere is a little different from the stall, you're right.
The way they are dyed and the way they are designed are different.

Now that hand-printed stoles and bags have become the majority of our products,
I thought the atmosphere of inkjet manufacturing might be a little different,
I was talking to Nakamura about selling it out and calling it a day.

This is hand-printed

However, we still have stock, so
I want to sell it all,
I talked to Mr. Shigematsu (IDEC, Yokohama corporate management support organization).

Mr. Shigematsu: ``This is a handkerchief, but...
It would also be cute to wrap around your neck as a cotton scarf!
Let's push it like that.
If you think of it as a scarf, 2000 yen is cheap. ”

Nakamura and Kaneko: “Yes! I’ll make a POP with photos.
Next time is Isetan Urawa store, so I'll try it then! ”

AMONG handkerchief

I would like to make a pop style of wrapping like this and suggest it.

The good thing about us is
Accept what you think is good,
It’s a “do-it-now section” lol

Just give it a try,
My strength is that I can then look at the reaction and think about it.
I recommend that you try talking about your strengths.
It might be difficult to do it alone...

A reward for us! ?

On the day of delivery to Isetan Urawa store,

The sales floor suddenly expanded lol

AMONG items

Well, it's spacious!
by Hiroko (Nakamura)

Even though I can't always line up all the products,
In fact, if you don't spread out your handkerchiefs, the sales floor won't be filled!

It was the first time I had seen a handkerchief spread out like this.
Sale ends! The handkerchiefs were in a panic and desperately showed their true strength lol.

“This persimmon tree won’t bear fruit anymore, so I’m going to cut it down.”

It's somewhat similar to the story of trying to bear fruit in a hurry. lol

The handkerchiefs were also shown at the sales floor, including suggestions on how to wrap them, and the handkerchiefs sold at an all-time high.
How things are presented on the sales floor is really important.

The buyer who was looking at it said,
They wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to the handkerchief department.
August 21st - Autumn launch project "Color Festival"

It will now be available at nine Isetan Mitsukoshi stores.

Thank you! ! Operation Shigematsu was a great success! !

Don't be too happy here.
(I can feel the experience)

Because we are the ones who hold the inventory. lol It's real and interesting♪

The manufacturer (Amang in this case) is the first to purchase a certain number of products.
It is different if you receive an order first and then purchase.
This time it's a consignment that will be returned if it doesn't sell.
It's a gamble!

We will try our best to sell, but there is no guarantee that it will sell.
That's amazing! Business.

Someone said, “This is great!”
There are many things in the world that have been commercialized with this in mind.
I can't see it there, but
It's a lot of someone's time and energy.
We can choose whatever we want these days.
Thank you for the fun of choosing.
It's a blessing to have a choice.

So, what will you choose today? (^^)

Ah, so I'll continue using the handkerchief for a while! lol Thanks for the handkerchief!

Have a nice day today too~

AMONG Momoko Kaneko

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