It's amazing, after all, "the power of words"

Hello! This is Kaneko from Amang.

It's been 8 months since my last post!

Time passes so fast!

To everyone who always supports Amang,

And to everyone who supports Amang,

thank you very much!

(Thank you to those of you who are secretly watching! LOL)

By the way, I went grape picking.



Thanks to you, I gave birth safely,

6 months old who has now started weaning food

She is a plump and energetic baby.

Looking back, the mother's body after giving birth is quite

You can see that there was damage.

I was really tired of breastfeeding every 2.3 hours, day and night.

Before giving birth, I didn't really understand how difficult it was,

It's really hard to try!

We understand how important sleep is for humans.

Sometimes I can sleep for 4-5 hours straight and I'm amazed at the difference.

Night-time breastfeeding continues, but

My physical strength has recovered and I've gotten used to breastfeeding,

I feel much better now.

Humans are amazing ~ they get used to the situation.

There is no doubt that she is a cute child,

My condition continued to be low due to lack of sleep,

My child is crying but I can't muster the strength to pick him up.

I often got the whites of my eyes.

Fortunately, I have “Amang”.

I talked to Nakamura about things,

Shooting for Youtube,

"Alone with the child all the time"

That didn't happen.

I can't tell you how much I was saved by that situation.

If there were no social media and no one to talk to,

I thought that postpartum was a very dangerous situation.

If you are healthy, energetic, and have peace of mind.

If that is in place,

I truly believe that any situation can be turned into laughter.

Seen at its worst due to lack of sleep

A phenomenon right in front of your eyes : "The baby is crying."

I watch this when I'm feeling well and I'm sleeping well.

A phenomenon right in front of your eyes : "The baby is crying."

The same thing is happening, but depending on your condition,

The way you receive it and respond to it will be completely different.

If you have enough heart,

"Yo! President! What is your request♪"

Or something, well, whatever lol

Some words are mixed with humor.

The words I spoke loosened the atmosphere.

(even if no one else was there)

My words take the weight off my shoulders.

This is strange.

Can you say this word or not?

In other words, whether you can afford it or not.

I thought this was the key.

AMONG stall

Mr. Hiroko (Nakamura) with a relaxed style lol

But this has nothing to do with postpartum,

It's always the same thing for everyone.

If you are exhausted from work and childcare,

I won't have enough time!

I get irritated even though it's not a big deal,

I couldn't be kind,

I ended up saying things in a harsh way that I didn't mean to...

I started to hate myself...

It's especially difficult to accomplish what you want to do when you're raising a child.

The stress of having housework and work cut into pieces...

At times like that, anyway

"Let's get ourselves together."

Take a good rest, relax, do what you like, etc.

It's okay if you're too tired.

First, try to satisfy yourself as much as possible.

Instead of changing the other person, you should focus on your own condition.

As long as you can do this, no matter what happens, you'll be fine!

Let's enjoy the situation in front of us as much as possible♪

So, let's say "Totonoe" !

At home, my husband is very cooperative in letting me rest, so

I feel refreshed from time to time!

The time you can focus only on yourself is special!

Husbands who know that this is peace in the family are happy.

thank you!

And being able to care for children before and after childbirth with peace of mind is,

Thanks to none other than Hiroko (Nakamura).

If I had done this alone, Amang would have disappeared long ago.

I think there were many times when it was too painful.

Still, I have no choice but to do my best!

The way he cheerfully moves forward

Amang's hope itself.

Drop Mars! by Hiroko

Thank you so much for everything!

The number of friends gradually increases,

It's starting to feel more and more fun.

"AMONG" is

Because it means "between" multiple various things,

After all, it lives up to its name.

Names and words have power!

see you~~!

AMONG Momoko Kaneko


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