The essence of AMONG!

One thing I notice every time with POPUP is that it's hard to tell from the pattern of the fabric that it's original!

This is exactly it.

I'm drawing from scratch! I'll even try making some!

People often ask me, "What country is this from?"
(The most commonly mentioned colors are Hawaii, Africa, and Scandinavia.I think each color gives a different impression.)

When I tell them, ``It's completely original, made from the pattern, and it's a brand called AMONG,'' they often say, ``Oh, that's right! That's amazing!''

The one I wear on my head is the " Ina-Oishine!" scarf , and the one I wear around my neck is the "Spice-Arrange" scarf . Also available in pattern x pattern.

Putting aside whether it's amazing or not, it's hard to understand. I can't tell you how many times I've said that to myself...sweat.

I'm sure it's more fun to use something knowing that it was made this way, and that this kind of person thought this way when making it!
It's the same way that the items you buy while traveling become associated with fond memories of that place, making you happy every time you look at them.

Let's create something that instantly and intuitively understands the essence of AMONG, even if it doesn't have to be perfect! ! I talked to Ai yesterday and now we are here.

So, I would like to introduce you to 'How textiles are made' once again!

First, I think about what kind of motif I want to use and decide (I said it very loosely^^).

In the case of this year's new pattern "banana", it was a motif I had always wanted to do. The reason I've always wanted to do this is because bananas are amazing!

I can't imagine how excited I was when I went to a southern country and saw a real banana tree for the first time. The large leaves are shiny and full of generous vitality. It gives you a sense of security and a nostalgic warm feeling.

Banana flowers are also unique and seem to be communicating with the universe. Actually, of course it's delicious. It's great that you can eat it right away, and its somewhat humorous shape makes me excited.

That's why I decided to make a banana pattern.

By the way, the design of the ``Peach and Chestnut Three Years, Persimmon Eight Years'' and ``Rice'' patterns started from the desire to express and use these words.

While thinking about the tropics, let's go to the nearest tropical botanical garden!

Okay, a tropical plant. I like that it's weird overall.

And draw! Listen to music such as birds chirping, eat a banana, and move your hands. Don't think about it until you have decided on the overall concept, start drawing! ! That momentum is important.

Shopee artist (husband) also appeared! it was awesome!

While drawing, visualize the overall concept and take notes on the finished drawing.

After that, I will consult with designer M, who always uses illustrator to process my work. I tell them how I want to lay it out, how big it should be, what kind of image I want it to have, and then they work on it.

We will continue to make adjustments while taking into consideration the convenience of the printing process so that the pattern continues to repeat.

I will continue to request corrections like this.
By the way, the colors have nothing to do with the actual production, but are used to make it easier to understand, such as the number of colors and which parts are the same color.

Mr. M's understanding and sense of speed are wonderful, and he is very helpful every time.

And please take a look!

When I announced on SNS that I was making a banana pattern, a customer, Mr. M, sent me this illustration! !

``How I feel now''...I'm so impressed! ! It was given to me and I am displaying it. That was encouraging.

Once the motif layout is decided, we decide on the actual fabric and color. Choose canvas fabric for a bag, and scarf fabric for a scarf!

When deciding on a color, I squint my eyes (very analog) and try to decide on a color over several days.

I am creating instructions like this.
The color scheme you thought was good yesterday may turn out to be different the next day, so be careful here.

Sometimes I paste colors I've used in the past, sometimes I use things like Pantone.

Here we finally have a break! ! This will take at least three months at the earliest.
After this, we begin the process of mixing the colors, making and dyeing, determining the shape, and sewing.

Naga~! !

This is where the color is added. ``Peach and chestnut three years, persimmon eight years'' pattern.

Although it doesn't appear, there are logistics people, fabric shops, mold makers, the tropical land where bananas were grown if it were bananas... a mind-boggling number of hands and people's awareness of how to shape them. Things are created when people and forces gather together.

This is really amazing... If you think about it too much, it will have such an impact that it will interfere with your daily life! The Guruguru circle is made possible by the people who buy our products because they think they are good.

AMONG will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. I can't thank you enough. (I want to do something - I'm thinking about it!)

Things and information are overflowing, and everyone has everything.

What AMONG makes is not an essential item, nor is it famous enough to pop up in a search.

Even so, I'm really grateful that you had some kind of connection and found AMONG and said, ``That's great!''

May you be happy, smile, and have a healthy heart every day.
That wish is the essence of AMONG! That's why we make textiles.

I would be very happy if you could enjoy using it as a charm, a spirit ball, or as a companion for your daily outings.

The 2023 POPUP is finally here. Wow, so emotional! !
Please come and have fun with your friends and family.

Our online shop will be offering free shipping nationwide from December 8th to January 8th. Please use it as a seasonal gift or as a reward for yourself who worked hard all year!

2023 is just around the corner. It's time to conclude this year.
I hope you have a wonderful end of the year! (Kurisawa)

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 《 Aroma of Fukano Rikizo Shoten 》 12/14 (Thursday) ~

1-10-6 Sugita, Isogo-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
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*Available only for some products.

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