Collection: hair accessory

Click here for AMONG's original hair accessories!

The headband is made with plenty of Yokohama-dyed textiles, and you just slip it on. You can wear your bangs all up or let them down a little! The back is made of rubber, so it won't slip or hurt, making it very comfortable to wear. Recommended for days when your hair doesn't stay in place or when it's starting to grow out!

Colorful and fun barrettes and pony hooks are all unique pieces with different motifs! After many consultations with an acrylic craftsman in downtown Tokyo, the design was finally completed.

AMONG textile is trapped inside (it would be amazing if you could figure out which fabric it is!). The pin part of the barrette is 4cm, and the hairpin is 6cm. I made it to a size that can be worn on short hair.
Simply insert the pony hook into the elastic part of your hair. It's a great product that can be used for a long time because you don't have to worry about the rubber stretching.

I would be happy if you could feel the soft wind blowing through the forest, the ripples crossing the sea, the flapping of birds' wings, and the rustling of leaves on the hair accessories and enjoy them!
You can attach it to the buttonhole of your shirt or use it as a brooch by clipping it to a mini shoulder strap.