What is AMONG? 2022

What do you really want?

From there, the concept of AMONG was born.

I believe that what we really want is the ability to live a healthy and cheerful life at all times.

The world is rapidly changing, and things that were commonplace in the past are quickly becoming no longer commonplace.

Which way should I go?

What should I choose?

It's great to have so many options, but what should you do? I think I'm getting more and more confused.

At times like that, okay! I want to choose a path that instantly makes me feel lighter and a direction that makes me feel brighter.

I think someone's words can make you feel better, or you can feel refreshed by looking at the beautiful ocean.
I feel grateful for the wonders of nature, such as the gentle and relaxed shapes of plants and the geological formations that have been formed over many years.

Our experiences and discoveries are the origin of manufacturing.

We have designed this book with a message from our desire to have hints close at hand to help you move forward in a healthy and cheerful manner.

I would be happy if we could spend today and tomorrow happily, empathizing with, encouraging, and laughing with everyone who uses our products.


*AMONG: An English preposition that means "between (more than one thing)." I hope to create new connections between things and between people.