Do you know the plant called "kanna"?

The large flowers are impressive with their bright colors. Cannas grow tall and have strong roots. The veins of the leaves, which look like they were drawn with crayons, are truly art created by nature!

It is a very hardy plant, and you can see it blooming vigorously along riversides and in the corners of school grounds.

There is an episode where you can feel Kanna's strength.

It is said that in the fall of Hiroshima, which was a burnt-out area after the atomic bomb was dropped, it bloomed into large, magnificent flowers.

How much hope the sight of cannas in full bloom gave the people of Hiroshima at that time.

"That's right, let's make the flowers bloom as strong as cannas!"

This textile was designed with the hope that we would be able to live a healthy and relaxed life in line with that vitality. The mature botanical motif has a bold large pattern that is impressive.

Let's stay strong and lively like Kanna!