Various handkerchiefs

We have a wide variety of colorful and fun patterns. Handkerchiefs are indispensable for your daily hand washing and gargling habits. Please use your favorite handkerchief every day. Made of 100% glossy cotton, you can enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere.
textile: Umi_Kona You can also try wrapping it around a hat like this.
textile: peach chestnut three years persimmon eight years
It's also fun to tie it tightly at the collar of your shirt, like a tie.
When jogging or playing sports, it is also recommended to fold a handkerchief into a triangle and use it as a mask to cover your mouth.

It's also fun to iron it and hang it on the wall like a painting. Since it's a handkerchief, it's washable and can be folded.

Textile: Rice A compact handkerchief, but also perfect as a gift. Please feel free to use it as a way to celebrate or to express your gratitude. It's exciting to spend time choosing by color or message while imagining the smile on the recipient's face. We can also wrap each handkerchief with a message for free.
textile: peach chestnut three years persimmon eight years

*If you would like a gift, please write "gift" in the notes section of the shopping cart.

textile: tree/rice textile: sea (handkerchief), geological strata (gamaguchi) textile: sea (handkerchief), fish in water (bag)