Pouch and me

fabric: MITI

For all the things you carry around every day, I think pouches are the second most essential thing after your wallet and cell phone. I don't feel at ease unless I touch up my makeup! I can't work without a charger set! A pouch is a reliable way to store the necessities of everyday life.
This pouch is made of a thick cotton material called "No. 8 Hump". The inside is also double layered with colorful fabric. For a pouch, it has a thick and firm feel.

Our pouches have firm feel, so even if you put a lot of small things (mascara, eyebrow, lip, etc.) on makeup tools, the appearance will not change and the posture will remain flat. It will   keep you safe. I can't hear the bumps inside. And at first glance, it's flat and has no gusset, so you might think it won't hold much, but it has quite a storage capacity.

The hump on the back side is also colorful, making it easy to find in your bag. fabric : Canna
That's a good point. With a pouch, you can safely incorporate vivid colors that you wouldn't normally choose.
It also has an inside pocket, so if you want to keep it separate, please put it in the pocket.
(We have heard that people keep USBs in their pockets, bandages, ointments they want to carry, etc.)

*The pattern is large, so the way the pattern appears will vary from piece to piece. Please enjoy it as a one-of-a-kind item.
With inner pocket