"Free shipping until 5/15!" Send a Mother's Day gift

May 8th (Sunday) is Mother's Day. From April 15th (Friday) to May 15th (Sunday), all items will be delivered free of charge nationwide!

Orders placed between April 29th and May 2nd (Monday) will be shipped by May 2nd (Monday).
Orders placed between May 3rd (Tuesday) and May 7th (Saturday) will be shipped on May 8th.

With the feeling of "thank you" that we usually forget to say. Please use this as a gift for your mother who is far away and can't be seen often🎵

(Free gift wrapping ⬆️ Normally on the left / Mother's Day on the right)

So without further ado, I would like to suggest AMONG's recommended Mother's Day gift items.

[Recommended point 1: Colorful and deep colors]
Since it's a gift, there are many colorful options to choose from. Pop and colorful items that take some courage to use for yourself are really nice to receive as gifts.
I want my mother to be surrounded by the power of beautiful, bright colors and stay healthy forever.

 Kanna "Hope" Cotton Scarf Mini shoulder “Hitotsu grape?”

[Recommended point 2: Can be used by the whole family]
The apron is free size. It's suitable for large men, so it's perfect for couples and families to use. Not only can you use it when cooking, but you can also use it as loungewear! There is no doubt that your DIY and garden work will go smoothly. Choose a fun motif for your sub-bag, which is essential for everyday outings! The mini shoulder bag and dual carrying are also convenient 🎵

apron daily bag
Delicious motif apron

Can be used as an eco bag or as an everyday bag!

[Recommended point 3: Original like no other]
I think the joy of gift giving also lies in receiving something that is not sold anywhere else. It's hard to find out the price (lol), and it's easy for people to feel surprised and entertained by saying, "Wow!" Look, AMONG is perfect ^^!

Handkerchiefs and purses that can be used every day are classic gifts! You can use the handkerchief as a small scarf, or use it to decorate your table.Wrap it around rice balls or around your neck! Isn't it nice? 🎵 Gamaguchi is also recommended for storing accessories. The bright colors make it easy to find in your bag, which is popular.

fun strawberry handkerchief Colorful pouch

Wrapping with a 'Mother's Day card' is also free♪
Please write "Mother's Day wrapping request" in the notes section of the cart. (If ordering multiple items at once, please specify the items to be wrapped.)
We hope this helps you choose a gift!      

mother's day gift