Power of stall

The power of the stall


It's really convenient to have one of your favorite stoles! You can wear it indoors, so it's a great companion when you go to a nice hotel or restaurant.
Please use it not only to protect against the cold in winter, but also to protect against sudden temperature changes and sunlight in summer.
fabric : Once-in-a-lifetime

There are two types of materials: "silk modal" and "100% cotton." (See next page for cotton stoles). Silk modal is lighter and warmer. You can enjoy the soft, moist and supple texture and luxurious gloss. Perfect for formal occasions. Use it as a shawl by wearing it over a dress or dress.

There are two sizes: square and large rectangle.
fabric: spicies

If it's square, you can use it as a shoulder bag like this. We often hear from smaller people that it is easy to use.
The large rectangular size looks great just by wearing it over your shoulder, and is recommended for formal occasions as well as casual denim. It is especially recommended for people of a certain height.
fabric : MITI
All products come with a message. We also recommend choosing your favorite name or meaning, such as "Ichigo Ichie (Strawberry pattern)" or "Oishine (Rice pattern)." If you are not sure which one suits you, please feel free to send us an email via SNS! We will recommend you the best.