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Mother's Day Gift AMONG×nafas Handkerchief and Spoon

Mother's Day Gift AMONG×nafas Handkerchief and Spoon

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Thank you, Mom, for everything!

Would you like to combine AMONG and nafas products as a gift?

Although it is called a handkerchief, it is an excellent item that can be used as a lunch cloth, a small scarf, or a hair scarf. This cute colon-shaped spoon has a scoop capacity of approximately 9 to 10 ml, which is equivalent to 2 teaspoons. It can also be conveniently used as a seasoning spoon. The handle is short, so you can use it to add seasonings such as salt and sugar, or to scoop up coffee beans.


Message: Use time on your side and move forward slowly and carefully. Whatever you're feeling, try to embrace it yourself.

Textile: Peach and chestnut three years, persimmon eight years
Color: Hug (pink x brown)
Size: 53cm x 53cm
Material: 85% cotton, 15% linen
Inkjet manufacturing method/Made in Japan


Size: 4cm x 11.5cm
Material: teak
Country of origin: Indonesia

(As natural wood is used, each piece may vary in grain and color.)

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