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Petit scarf "Banana" in the shade of a tree_leaf (40% silk, 60% rayon)

Petit scarf "Banana" in the shade of a tree_leaf (40% silk, 60% rayon)

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AMONG's new motif for fall 2023 is banana! Such a banana! Although it has a banana motif with a pop impression, it is finished in chic colors.

A petite scarf that creates a stylish impression just by wearing it.

It's about the size of a large handkerchief, so wrapping it around your neck can completely change your look. You can also wrap it twice and tie it tightly around the inside of a turtleneck or the collar of a shirt.

Also recommended for tying in your hair as a hair accessory. Its compact size means it can be used for work situations such as zoom meetings and commuting, and for going to school such as visiting classes.
The material is soft and non-slip, so it fits supple and is sure to be comfortable to wear! is.

Message: Take a break in the shade of a banana tree. A pleasant breeze was blowing. Sweet fruits are the taste of happiness. Time travel to such a peaceful tropical country!

Textile: Banana
Color: Shade (dark green x yellow )
Size: 52cm x 52cm
material: 40% silk 60% rayon
Printing method/Made in Japan

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