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Birth of pencil case slim "strata"_"spice" arrangement

Birth of pencil case slim "strata"_"spice" arrangement

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A neat and slender pencil case has been created. Holds about 3 ballpoint pens and 1 USB.
The 4th to 5th photos are for size reference. Contains 2 pens and 1 cutter. Add your favorite ballpoint pen and some sticky notes and get to work!

Surface message: The strata created by small stone grains over a long period of time have a unique appearance.
Our origins lie in ancient creatures born from the sea. Let's celebrate the birth of life.

Textile: strata
Color: Birth (marine blue)

Message on the back: Spice up your condition. Sweetness, spiciness, bitterness...Let's add a little flavor today and have fun arranging it!

Textile: Spice
Color: Arrangement (blue x green)

Size: Zipper length 20cm Height: 4cm
cotton 100%
Hand-printed printing method/Made in Japan

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