A closer look at AMONG’s current situation! Please be real~

Today, I would like to introduce the AMONG team!

I would also like to write about what I am doing now and information about the places that appear here.
We will introduce the AMONG team in two parts!

The four people who will appear this time are Ai, Harunachin, Mari, and Saeko.
The current connections were made through a variety of connections and timing, including connections from previous jobs, classmates, and introductions from customers.

The snow the other day was beautiful.

I usually work from around 10am to 7:30pm on weekdays. I exchange emails with stores and business partners, go to meetings, and take photos for the website.
Every day passes by in the blink of an eye as I post on SNS such as Instagram and FB, plan various projects, and create documents.

This year's theme is to "visualize" what we have accomplished so far so that we can move as a team.

This is Ai-san🎵 This yellow atelier coat is running out, and it suits you very well◎

Ai and I discuss ideas such as ``Should I do that?'' and ``I want to do this!'' mainly online, and while we joke around with each other, we make things take shape.

If only someone could help me think "Let's do this!"... God~ (tears)!

Ai used to work with me when I was working part-time at an education-related NPO. The reason he can look at the whole picture and give accurate opinions must be because he solved many unusual cases in that era!

I previously opened a shop in Nakameguro in 2016, and at that time I was helped with setting up the shop, and my husband also helped me with bringing in exhibitions (even taking paid work). ··Sweat)
Thank you for always being here as a family! I can only be grateful for the connections we have made today.

A big part of what we do on a daily basis is logistics.

Responsible for replenishing and ordering products, and requesting and arranging necessary materials (fasteners, tags, etc.).
If there is an online shop or POPUP shipment, we will pack and ship it. We inspect products and create and set prices.

Starting this year, we have decided to have Harunachin handle this logistics little by little. Delegating logistics to others is something I've always wanted to do but never been able to do.

↑ This is Harunachin 🎵 `` Peach and chestnut three years, persimmons eight years_departure'' tote is very convenient because it can hold a water bottle.

In the past few years, we've had the coronavirus, so we wanted to reduce the movement of people as much as possible, and we thought, ``It's just a little bit, but it's okay!'' and ``It's faster if I do it myself.'' But...

No no no~!
Let's put aside the way the brain works (apparently) to feel relieved when we repeat the same thing over and over again.
This year is a phase in which we will move forward by combining everyone's strengths ◎

↑ I've created a new letter card for those who purchased from the online shop with a peach and chestnut motif (it was previously white)! I'm glad I made it~It's so cute~
I will write you a letter using my favorite fountain pen and send it to you 🎵

Harunachin was a club member from junior high school. Sorry, I'll break it down! Rhythmic gymnastics club (baku!)
I couldn't do the movements I was doing at the time, and if I did it carelessly, I would get hurt.

From my family, my mouth is half open! Apparently you said that, but I'll also post this photo ^^
This is the "Kanna" extra scarf . The exquisite colors give you a gentle feeling.

His casual reply is so witty that it makes me laugh.
Oh, please try requesting a dance 🎵
(I heard a voice saying, “Hey, stop!” lol. No injuries!)

→ Harunachin will be at Zushi POPUP starting in March and at Keikyu Department Store Kamiooka from April 20th to 26th!

↑ Held from 1st to 5th in March and April, 11th to 15th in May, and 1st to 5th from June to September ! The location is the usual Zushi "Atelier Linden".
Oh, I'm wearing an atelier coat ♪ I love the blue one.

Mari will also be appearing at Zushi POPUP!

↑ This is Mari-san 🎵 She's addicted to onigiri, so the other day we went to the famous onigiri restaurant "Bongo" in Otsuka together 🍙

The stole that is wrapped around it has a spice pattern. This color is sold out, but we have two more in a different color, magenta pink .

Mari is very good at seeing the positive side of things.

If you're wondering, "Which one is better?" or have any questions or concerns, please tell Mari!

"Is it this way?" he tells me with a sense of excitement, and he confidently tells me something like "It's totally fine!" even though it's a mystery.
It's really reliable that he's strong in the field and says, "I'll do something!" and can actually do something in a good way ◎

Well, here's one of the NEWS for this spring ↓
There is a space called "Atari" in Ueno Sakuragi, and on the 2nd floor there is a shared shop called "Katema" . I have decided to take part in that area.

↑ This is the “Kanna Sunshine” cotton scarf . Can be used regardless of the season!

Since it's a shared shop, we take turns manning the shop between 5 or 6 brands (authors). I'm very interested in this shared shop system, and I'm happy and excited to create new relationships (both with people and the land).

I will be meeting with Saeko on February 14th, so I will report the details!

↑ This is Saeko-san🎵
Saeko has a refreshing and cheerful way of talking.

And stylish◎ What a wonderful way to use a scarf! What I use as an inner layer for my jacket is the ``Peach Chestnut Three Years Persimmon Eight Years'' change scarf .

A “once-in-a-lifetime” outfit made with strawberries! Now is the season for strawberries 🍓
They have a lot of ideas, and they often come to me with ideas in Excel or PowerPoint. That's amazing!

↑ Mr. Tsubaki, the owner of Katatema. My main job is a cafe owner! nice smile. It's warm, crunchy, and very pleasant.

Katatema is a small space on the 2nd floor of a renovated old private house, so you won't be able to bring the entire lineup with you . If there is anything you would like to see in advance, I would be happy if you let me know! please~! !

Oops, this is getting long, so I'd like to end it here.
The introduction of the fun AMONG members will be continued next time! !

We will announce the pop-up once the shift is completed!
I'd be happy to hear about your current situation, and welcome to try out any of the things you've been curious about. Please come and see AMONG now when the timing is right 🎵 (Kurisawa)

*Kurisawa = Hiroko Nakamura. Nakamura is her maiden name. Since my bank account and official documents are from Kurisawa, I'm getting more and more confused lol. So, I'd like to ask for your help at Kurisawa (I hope you remember me as Kurihiroi! 🌰)

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