I started a blog

Good evening everyone.
This is Kaneko from AMONG.

We (Kaneko and Nakamura) have been planning and selling original textile stoles and miscellaneous goods for two years.

Thanks to all of you, we will soon be celebrating our 4th exhibition.

As our first initiative in 2016, we decided to start an AMONG blog together.

I would like to write about the things I feel every day, the things I cherish, the foods I love, the things that make me laugh, etc.

I currently live in Hachijojima, Tokyo, and Nakamura is planning to go to America soon.

We don't know how far we can go without being bound by place or time, but we are having fun making things with the motto "Let's just do it!"

The next exhibition is scheduled for late February to early March.

Nice to meet you.

Momoko Kaneko
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