I don't need a lot of things anymore

We met about five years ago as members working together at a vegan restaurant.
Nakamura was my senior, so at that time I never thought for a second that we would ever create something together.
It's been a while since we each retired.
But the time has come again,
"Let's do something!"
That's what happened.
Maybe you have already decided what to do first.
In our case, it started with "So, what are we going to do?"
 Now it's in the form of stalls and miscellaneous goods, but in the end it could have been anything.
than that
What do you want to say?
what do you want?
I thought about it.

I continue to ask myself this question to this day, but it was difficult for me to face it until I launched it as a brand.

We embrace change.

At the time, there was a part of me that thought that once we decided on what we were going to do and the concept, we shouldn't change it.

But once I realized that there is never a time when things don't change, I just became more flexible.

There are many times when we can laugh at this flexibility, lol.

People live in a world of their own imagination! After learning this, I started thinking more and more freely.

The only one who decides that something can't be done or is impossible is you.

I can't do it! Impossible! What I thought was, ``I tried it and it turned out to be surprisingly easy! As I repeated this experience, it gradually took shape.

Of course, there was the cooperation of many people.

We ourselves think that we don't need a lot of things anymore.

I can feel the atmosphere of that era in many places.

What is the meaning of creating something based on that? That's what I'm thinking.

That's why I think there's no point in making things that are just stylish or cute.

There are already so many fashionable and cute things out there.

At AMONG, let's just try it! We create items with messages and words that will give you a boost.
It's an item that makes going out more fun.
Going outside and experiencing a new world can easily break down your assumptions and expand your horizons.

But it takes a bit of courage, so I hope people can wear AMONG items like talismans so that they can move forward with peace of mind.

Rather than a one-way style in which people consume what I create, I am looking for new and fun forms that allow the person holding the product to become involved with it independently.

I'm looking forward to the next exhibition!

Momoko Kaneko
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