This is the first bag I made for my last 3rd collection.

They introduced us to a craftsman in Asakusa, and they were able to accommodate us even with a small number of customers.

My father happens to be a comedian, so we just joke around and don't get along at all, but is that okay? ? I was a little worried, but they finished it perfectly.

As expected of a downtown craftsman!

We have received a lot of feedback from people saying that it holds a surprisingly large amount and is easy to use.

But from Nakamura, who has a lot of baggage,
There was a request: ``I want something a little bigger♪''

Since I live on an island and use my car, I surprisingly don't need a large bag anymore, so I thought I might want something a little smaller.

Do the things you need change depending on your lifestyle? Is that so?

So we are planning two new shapes.

The fabric is dyed in Yokohama using a traditional technique known as Nassen.

The first shape is also popular, so I would like to add a few more to the remaining ones.

Each piece has a different pattern, so it is the only one in the world.

I remembered that there was a time when I had vague fantasies about wanting to become a bag shopper someday.
AMONG tote
Belts made from the same fabric are also very popular.
AMONG belt
I would like to add a little bit to this as well.

The next stall will be textiles from Kiryu, Gunma.

Unknown unknown! !

In the stall department, Nakamura is communicating with the president of Kiryu⇩
AMONG stall

Look forward to it

Momoko Kaneko
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