``Since you live on Hachijo Island, it would be nice to have something related to it, like Kihachijo (a traditional silk fabric from Hachijo Island) or cow leather.''

"Yes, that's true, but Kihachijo seems to be a little bitter. I don't know what to say about the leather. It's been quite a while since he was slaughtered, so I don't think so. Anyway, I'll ask Mr. Uotani. Ru”


Mr. Uotani is a very tall and enthusiastic man who moved to Hachijojima and is involved in dairy farming and dairy products using natural pasture that is unique to Hachijojima.

The cows on Hachijojima are really cute, and I was surprised at first by their slim bodies because they exercise a lot.
You can buy this popular product that even Kundo Koyama has praised on the radio here ↓

The best environment for cows↓
“Mr. Uotani, what do you do with the leather from slaughtered cows?”

Mr. Uotani
"It's tanned and made into leather! It's not used for anything, but do you want to use it?"

“Is it okay!?”

Kaneko heart cry
"circle! Hiro-chan! (About Nakamura)
There it was! ! ! ”

This has only been a matter of minutes.

I was the one who had automatically decided that it wouldn't be possible.

The process of processing leather to make it usable is called tanning.

It was tanned, but the leather craftsman was busy and there was one whole cow's worth of leather left.
Moreover, it was tanned using an environmentally friendly method.

Normally, a metal called chrome is used, but this leather is tanned with vegetable tannin (crushed mimosa trunks and branches), so it is gentle on the human body and the environment.

Thank you so much...

We are grateful to have received the cowhide from a male named Jah.



The leather used in jars is said to be more than twice as thick as regular cowhide. It is not yet known whether this is due to Jersey cows or grazing.

There are a lot of things to consider when dealing with leather products, but I think it's a good thing to feel closer to the precious lives that are already turned into leather, so I'm looking for ways to make the most of them.
I don't think most people think about animals when they buy a bag or wallet at a store.
Especially in the city, it is easy to forget that we are able to survive thanks to the many lives.
Rather than thinking about what's good or bad, I hope this will give you an opportunity to think about what you think about it.

Later, Nakamura received the leather for one cow.

It seems to be quite heavy. ↓
I don't know what will happen yet, but please look forward to it♪

Momoko Kaneko
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