As for when the exhibition will be held...

Good evening, this is Kaneko from AMONG.

I finally saw Star Wars!
There are no movie theaters on Hachijojima.
But I realized that I should see it when I came to Tokyo.
On the contrary, it will increase your enjoyment.

And let's go today! It's easy to decide on a schedule.
It's good to have a deadline for everything.

Today is
I went out wearing a ``Harmony'' stole from ``Peach and Chestnut Three Years and Persimmons Eight Years,'' and it was perfect even in this cold weather! I thought.
As expected of silk.
Do it, Silk.
It has great heat retention.
AMONG stall
Wrapping up a stole of harmony reminds me of nature.
I feel like it stabilizes my mind.
It's okay just to feel like it.
I'm making this in hopes that it will make you feel that way.


And then I dreamed about the next exhibition.

It's a dream where I'm holding an exhibition even though I don't have a stall. lol

I'm glad that it was a huge success,
“I haven’t finished the stall yet♪” she cheerfully said lol.

This is from the previous exhibition at Shibuya Sola House↓
AMONG tote
The delivery date for the stall hasn't been confirmed yet, so I can't give you an accurate announcement yet, and I was just sitting around and had a dream like that. Sweat

However, if I say it secretly,
From the first Saturday in March... (desire)

When I looked at the calendar, surprisingly it was already March. . .
It's spring♪

I would be happy if I could meet many people again.



I went to Futakotamagawa for the first time after it was further developed.
There was also a skating rink in front of the movie theater.
This is Taro Urashima.

It's a nice cafe with a view of the green ↓
Momoko Kaneko
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