From Asakusa to Hachijojima

Before returning to Hachijojima, I came to Asakusa again.

You completed the bag sample at an amazing speed!

The president is always joking and having fun↓
AMONG tote
``I wish I had been more manly, but do whatever you want!'' he said as I took his photo.

He's handsome!

Thank you for the interesting talk today.

Today's theme is
``Women turn into monsters, women are scary.''
What's going on every time? lol

Introducing a glimpse of the new bag.
Lunch bag size.
I think it will look roughly like this.
AMONG tote
Furthermore, it is larger than the previous one and has a shoulder shape.
This one has a trapezoid-like shape that spreads out a little more at the top to make it easier to take things out.
AMONG shoulder
Both have a firm gusset.
The sample is this color, but we will have all the same types as last time.

By the way, this pattern is
``Peach and chestnut three years, persimmon eight years'' pattern.

Although society tends to demand speed, I created this pattern because I thought it was important to take your time and take your time.


During my meeting with Nakamura, I came up with something interesting (but it took a lot of courage) to search for something. Suspicious. ↓
I would like to make this year a year where I can laugh with everyone.

Look forward to it♪

Momoko Kaneko
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