The schedule has been decided!

The schedule for AMONG's 4th exhibition has been decided!

Location Sora House (Shibuya)
3/12 (Sat) 13 ( Sun)
3/14 (Mon) 15 (Tue) 16 (Wed)

Other venues (Kansai and Kyushu are also being considered) will be announced as soon as they are decided.
View from Sora House↓
AMONG handkerchief
You can view it for five days in this space with pleasant sunlight.
AMONG handkerchief
Please feel free to come and visit us!


Since the weather on Hachijojima has calmed down, I went to a hot spring for the first time in a while.
(Even if the weather is bad, you can still go to the hot springs lol)

The best part of Hachijojima in winter is the hot springs!

It's a tropical country, right? It is often said that winter is usually cold.
There was even a glimpse of snow.
I'm on Hachijojima in winter because I want to experience more than just the summer side.

There are times when I think to myself, ``Ah, I'm on Hachijojima now,'' and it's kind of strange.
There is the sea right after leaving the hot spring.
There is also a hot spring where you can bathe while looking out at the sea.
What do you want?

It seems that whales are also nearby and can be seen.

Colorful flowers are blooming all over the island, and it feels like a new season is coming.
March and April are freesia season! ! can't see me...
Ah, but if you go to Tokyo, you can see the cherry blossoms!

It looks like summer will be here again soon.

Momoko Kaneko
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