We are Japanese!!

We are Japanese!!

Delicious Italian brandy
Grappa is ready♪

These bottles are wonderful.

Try it at a pizza shop on Hachijojima! lol
I'm no longer sure if this is AMONG's blog or Hachijojima's blog, lol.

My partner Nakamura doesn't stop me, he's amused by it, so I'd like to keep going.

We have also had many ups and downs, and now

“Let’s compete with what we have! ”

has become the password.

Japanese people admire foreign culture, and foreigners admire Japanese culture.

As is often the case,

No matter what design I did, it would always have a Japanese taste, so I finally gave up.

We are Japanese! !

Yes, we are Japanese people born in Japan.

So, I would like to continue creating things that focus on interesting aspects of Japan.

All production is done in Japan.

Because the technology and quality are truly amazing.

Through manufacturing, there are many things that make me sigh and think, ``Japanese people are amazing after all.''

When I went to the Big Island of Hawaii, I was impressed by the pride of the Hawaiian people.

What am I doing as a Japanese person? ?

I have continued to ask this question until now, and I have found myself wanting to know more about Japan.

This time, the main item we will focus on is a stole that we created by thinking about traditional Japanese patterns, interpreting them, drawing pictures, and having them woven in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture.

Since the fabric is woven all at once, it can be made in many meters.

When it comes to the fear of having inventory, it always comes back to me. lol

I said it was impossible,
You will now be able to make two designs of stoles in five colors each.

From the factory's point of view, it's quite a hassle and a relatively small job.

She is weaving our stoles while reminding us of the deadline for a big job...

I wouldn't want to do it. lol

Mr. President,
thank you very much! !

AMONG items are created with the support of warm-hearted people in Japan.

During February! The bag from Asakusa that I requested was delivered yesterday.

This is a workshop only for two uncles.

cool! ! !

And the back is

Wow, that's cute.

It was delivered to my parents' house and I photographed it because it was my mother.
Please ignore the background.
It feels like home lol ↓
If you don't add more, it will disappear in an instant... Each pattern is different, so it's first come first serve♪

I don't have that much fabric anymore...

The textile on the back is dyed by a Yokohama craftsman.

I really couldn't have made it this far without my first encounter with the factory in Yokohama.

It's no exaggeration to say that encounters are everything.

Have a wonderful day today!

Momoko Kaneko
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