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About the origins of AMONG
As the number of questions asked has increased again,
I would like to write again.
I was able to take this photo well lol ↓
AMONG tote
The two of us were friends who worked together at our previous restaurant.

That's why I love eating!

In the middle, Mr. H is also a friend from back then ♪
AMONG tote
Shortly after I retired,

While talking about various things,

“Would you like to do something? ”

have become.

Nothing was decided at that time,

Because we like to eat,

I thought about making some nice snacks, and I also thought about making children's clothes.

Identifying what we like,
Let's start by making colorful fabric! Then,
First I decided to try making a stall.

At the same time as ``What to make?''

“What do you want to say?”

We are always facing each other. . .
(while running away all the time lol)

We learned through experience that unless the concept and ideas are solid, the activity will not spread.

Or rather, days of self-questioning.

Run away and withdraw,
Take it out and pull it out,
Open and advance;

AMONG items are born from such frustrating yet interesting everyday life.

So of course I love stoles, but I'm not particular about being a stall shop at all. lol

I used to tend to be tied down by the idea that once something was decided, it had to be this way, but through AMONG I became a much more flexible person.

As a result,

You can now make stoles, bags, handkerchiefs, key chains, belts, and patches.

It is also popular to paste handkerchiefs on the wall like a picture. ↓
AMONG handkerchief
I sometimes freak out myself.

Ah, before I knew it,
There are so many different things. lol

I wonder why there's a patch...
Moreover, Mizuhiki...,, Awajimusubi.
AMONG patch
Next, I'm planning pouches and aprons.

In everyday life,
I feel a little energized,
I create items that give you the courage to take a step forward.

Each item has one
It is characterized by words and messages attached to it.

When you are in trouble, when you stop,
Someone's words always helped us.

I want to do something like that so that I can pass those words on to the next person.

I wish I had an item like this♪
is always recruiting.

Tomorrow is Pop up store
The last day of the first edition of Shibuya Sola House.
We'll be expecting you!


Momoko Kaneko
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