Points to remember when choosing zero

Hello, this is Kaneko from Amang.

AMONG tote

teamLab, art museum tickets
I got it so I went (^^)
Looks like a manga lol
Thank you Mr. M!


Yesterday, I had a tea meeting with my old work colleagues Yama-chan and Amangu for the first time in a while.

Hirohisa Yamaguchi (Yama-chan)
Musician and vegan chef.
A cool, kind and dependable older brother figure.

*Nuyama-chan is married and has a super cute and wonderful wife♪
We just want to shout out as ``Yama-chan of the world''.
If you meet me, you will immediately understand what I mean (^^)
wife~! Please join us next time♪

Why did the three of us meet?
Yama-chan wants to become independent and walk his own path from now on.
He said he was confused about a lot of things, so we decided to have some tea.

It's been a long time since we worked together at a restaurant,
I'm very happy that we still have a relationship that allows us to meet even now.

Recently we have
Although it is not the starting stage of starting from zero,
At the stage where San becomes Yon intuitively,
I'm worried about how I should develop Amang from now on.

Even though we say we worry, the way we worry is

Don't worry, the light makes it pop and won't get dark! LOL, but there was definitely a sense of stagnation.

AMONG tote

People who appear to be stagnant (Nakamura)

When going down an unknown path (this is the same for everyone, right?)
I'm worried because there's no right answer.

“Is this what my life is like?”

Compared to the days of office workers,
I don't feel like I'm being forced to do anything,
Of course, the amount of things I do has decreased dramatically,
This question is always there.

Of course, you can choose any one, and there is nothing wrong with it.

“In the end, what do you want to do?”

AMONG Kachumu

People who look like this but are stagnant, part 2 (Kaneko)

This question is always in the back of my mind.

But when you're busy, you can pretend not to notice it.

Well, it's just pretending, so one day it will suddenly surface again.
Apparently this will last forever. lol

It takes a lot of energy to face this problem.
It's troublesome and makes me want to run away,
There are tough times, but you have to face them
“I lived a good life.”
I don't think I can feel it.

When I asked Yama-chan to tell me various stories,
Actually, what I wanted to do was already clear.

I went on many overseas tours with my band,
Yama-chan is experiencing vegan cuisine as a part of culture.

The exact opposite of his gentle personality
A live performance that shows how powerful it is.
It was so intense that I had torn my Achilles tendon.

More fun. Even cooler.
So that you can easily enjoy vegan food.

I have such a strong desire,

“I’m the only one who can do that in Japan.”
When Yama-chan finally said that, I was shocked! ! We both felt numb. lol

Yama-chan accompanies his favorite overseas artist on tour,
He wants to have his own personal chef.

Hey, that's right! It's okay
But I won't know unless you tell me that.

If you could eat Yama-chan's cooking throughout the tour,
Looks like it'll be a good performance

Because Yama-chan has been involved in music for a long time,
I guess they can create dishes that are close to the musicians.

And from now on,
It seems that he will be distributing punk and fun cooking videos.
Will it be done in English?
It would be even better if we could study English together♪
I want to see! I definitely want to see it!
I'll start one within this month anyway.

I'm waiting!

Anyway, the beginning is
I say this is what I want to do.
talk to people send.
This also becomes a declaration for myself.

That's all, but here's a lot...
This is where fixed concepts get in the way.

You can't do this
What would you think if I said this?
I don't really know how to do it in the first place, etc.

But even if I think about it in my heart, it won't reach anyone.
Even if the people around me want to help, I can't.
In reality, I can't help but want to help.

like this! If you could say that,
“Ah, maybe I should introduce this person to Yama-chan.”
People who like Yama-chan start acting on their own, haha.

Clear what you want to do within yourself.

Say it, ask someone how to do it.

Because you'll be telling yourself that too.
Highly accurate antennas are erected to collect information.
The person who heard it will come back with a story.
He will introduce you to someone.

I will do everything I can right now.

This is a repeat!

That's what I thought.

There's no end to this.

Today's noteworthy points are
First of all, just say it.

In other words, it's an order .

Even though I didn't order food,
It's not here yet
I'm hungry.
It's like waiting at a table. lol

Then I won't come for food.
Please order properly and then wait.

No, that's really true,
We also savored it.

The image is
Nostalgic bistros map

Chirin chirin chirin!

"Order! Dishes using shrimp!"

Like, a chef can't cook unless you give him instructions lol.
That one voice from Nakai-kun is important.

that's why
What do you want to do?
Let's order properly !
That's what I was talking about.

Suddenly, I ordered Amang too!

"Opening a store overseas! First, Thailand!"
"Make accessories with natural stones from around the world! First, earrings"

Well, it's interesting to create such an aimless future.
My thoughts had become completely boring...

It's dangerous

Aimless goals are exciting because you don't know how to do them.
Right now, I don't know how or what kind of encounter I will have.

The key points when ordering are:
How can I achieve that?
If you have this, you can do it.

Ignore it for now! lol

Don't look for excuses that you can't do it.
That's an excuse for not wanting to change.

From my own small experiences and ideas,
Don't try to reach your destination.

Don't try to do everything yourself.
Borrow the power of others.

Don't ask for help from others, do something yourself.
I feel like I was taught this at some point...

If that happens, the upper limit will be reached soon! lol

First of all, know that you can't do it alone.
Of course I'll do what I can.

Like I look like an idiot.
Think more realistically.
You don't have to get close to people who say that.

It's okay, it's okay! Let's do it!
There are actually a lot of people who say that.

First of all, so that my heart doesn't break,
It might be important who you talk to first (^^)

What I want to do
Let's try anything!

See you soon!

AMONG Momoko Kaneko

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