conflict. Each tear.

Hello, this is Kaneko from Amang.

The birth story only lasted until episode 3! lol
I'll write more when the time comes. (I get it rough every time~)

What kind of year was 2019?

From an Amang perspective, it was a year of forced ``destruction and rebirth''.

The way it has been done so far is
As I progressed, many things became commonplace,
Is it okay to leave it like this?
What should I do next?
I want to find something new while staying based on what I've always done.
That was what Kaneko and Nakamura had in mind.

I want to take a new approach next time! Like.
They're basically two people who get bored easily, haha.
When I get into a rut, I feel like my vitality, or rather power, is gradually stagnating.

At that time, Kaneko became pregnant.

Amang has a pattern called [Unknown Path],
Life is always unknown (that's why it's so interesting)
I'm thinking,
It felt like the superlative punch of that came out of nowhere.

AMONG scarf

[Unknown road] pattern ↑
This color is ``go with the flow''

Of course I'm happy and happy.
That's what I was hoping for, but I honestly couldn't bring myself to throw my hands up and be overjoyed.
I was more worried about my job.
It still exists now.
(I am fully aware that this is an extravagant story.)

After I became pregnant, I quickly became unable to move as usual.
I can't stand for 10 minutes...
Amang was just entering its busy autumn season.
(That's the timing! It's intense!)
He withdrew from the store after the Keikyu Kamiooka store in early September.

Speaking of how difficult it was for Nakamura (commonly known as Hiroko) at this time...

But Hiroko, who didn't push me in the slightest, is a truly personable person.
He was the one who saved two people's lives.

AMONG tote

Hiroko Nakamura, a person of character who saved two lives.
This bag also has the [Unknown Road] pattern.
A color that says "Let's look around."

And I asked many people for help.
My wonderful friends supported me.
If we weren't in this situation, we would have tried to do it ourselves as usual.
We became friends because there was no other way but to ask.

(In hindsight, I realized that asking someone
It's a big hurdle when expanding, so overall it's a good thing.
Of course, at the time I didn't have the luxury of thinking about it. )

Thanks to all the kind people,
We were able to successfully complete the Among Tour Fall/Winter 2019.
I'm really thankful to you!

AMONG stall

Everyone on the sales team was extremely reliable.
Special thanks, everyone! !

If I was doing it alone, I would have no choice but to take a leave of absence if I became pregnant.
Amang still exists because of the two of us.

To emails from customers
``Thank you, Nakamura-san, for protecting Amang.'' It read.
I really thought so.
And being surrounded by customers who kindly watch over me like that...
I'm really grateful.

When it comes to pregnancy, you can refer to the voices of your seniors who say, ``I was like this.''
Every day is so unknown that no two people are the same.
(It's the same with life.)

I can't do the simple things I always take for granted.

For example, doing laundry, going shopping at the local supermarket, etc.
I can't do the things I used to do so casually...
There are days like that all the time.

I lay there all morning, and before I knew it, my husband had already come home.
There were days like that.

"I couldn't do anything~~~~~~"
“Today has simply come to an end.”

Tears fell down my face.

(While I was crying with indescribable emotions,
There was a part of me that was objectively thinking, ``Oh, I'm the one who's crying.'' )

Pregnancy changes your hormonal balance
Being prone to emotional instability means that
It was also written on the internet,
Looks like I'll be fine! That's what I thought for some reason.

But I couldn't beat the hormones lol

And I felt a sense of worthlessness .

In my head, I think, “Human existence itself is wonderful!”
I thought I understood that, but
That was not the case at all.

At the same time, things like work and daily life, etc.
“I am doing something.”
“I am useful”
I realized that I thought it had value. (surprised)
It may all be self-satisfied, but...

I am worthless because I can't do anything.
This is a feeling you can't get unless you can't do anything.

AMONG shoulder

Shoulder size S is also popular among pregnant women.
This bag also has the same pattern.
It's fun to choose a bag because there are individual differences
The scarf has a [sun and moon] pattern.
The color is "Moonlight Bath".

In reality, you are carrying a different life form in your stomach.

I'm doing something great, but
During the period when there are still no fetal movements,
Even if I see an echo at the hospital
“No, no, is it true!?”
I couldn't believe it,
“Someone just suddenly became unwell.
All I could feel was that.

My seniors told me, ``Morning sickness will definitely end!''
I was encouraged.

"So, isn't it..."
Inside the pitch-black tunnel,
The days were shockingly slow, and I felt like I was slowly moving forward.

Of course, there were many things I was concerned about about Amang,
My focus on that has gone somewhere...
I'm not feeling well anyway.

Then, one day, light suddenly came in from the end of the tunnel,
The day really came when the fog suddenly lifted.
Is this it? Is this it?
Is the morning sickness over? ?

(This period is different for each person.
Some people have no symptoms at all, while others may have symptoms until they give birth...)

It is quite difficult to navigate the path of work and pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare at the same time.

I think this would be a very difficult situation if I were working there.
First of all, it's quite difficult to explain.
And I don't feel well. I would die commuting on a crowded train...

And the fear of letting go of everything you've built up until now is frightening.

The level of discomfort differs from person to person, making it difficult for those around you to be considerate.
A sudden decrease in personnel is of course a blow to the organization.

Working women who can't be happy about something auspicious,
I'm sure there are many colleagues who work together who have very complicated feelings.
Needless to say, Hiroko was also crying a different kind of tears than I was.

AMONG scarves and shoulders

This bag is also made from the same fabric.
[Unknown path] pattern.
The stole is [3 years peach chestnut, 8 years persimmon].
The color is "polite".

What is this conflict?

The declining birthrate problem must be serious, but
That's a really high hurdle! ! !

It’s hard to have a baby! ! !

If this were to happen without the cooperation of those around me,
I feel like I'm about to put a curse on this world.
Thanks to everyone, I don't have to curse lol

There is an air of taboo about this kind of talk.
Each has their own position,
You may unintentionally hurt someone.

That's why I've always wanted to write, but I couldn't.

But everyone can only talk about what they have experienced,
I decided to write what I felt.

We can talk about various things more openly from our respective positions,
I hope that society will become better and easier to live in.

After entering the stable period, I feel like my consciousness has returned properly, but
It's still hard to stand still,
I can't do things like stuff heavy bags into cardboard boxes,
I got tired quickly,
If I can accomplish one thing per day, my days will be full of joy.
Damn, I want to do this and that too! While soothing my thoughts.

However, I hear that it is more difficult to actually do it after giving birth...
Even though I'm nervous, I can do it somehow!
I'm trying to solidify my intentions little by little every day.

Immediately after getting pregnant, let's go! !
I thought I would feel something like that, but it was completely different lol
(Maybe because it's my first time)

After all, experience is a treasure.
Every experience you have every day is truly valuable.

and everything is
"There will always be an end"
I have become more and more aware of this every day.

Pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, work, and life.
It will definitely end.

Because there is an end,
I realized that where, with whom, and what you do is really important.

What will you do, where and with whom in 2020?

Thanks to everyone's support, we were able to get through this year.
Thank you very much for enjoying Amang again this year!
We look forward to your continued support next year.

Have a great new year~~!

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