Destruction and creation to 2020

Good evening, this is Nakamura.

It's finally the end of 2019.
What was AMONG (especially the second half) like for me?
I decided to write about it because it is a topic that has a lot of interest in the world.

The past six months have actually been difficult. .
You overcame it well!
Needless to say, I am grateful to the tremendous support of those around me.

I think Kaneko's pregnancy was confirmed in early September.
The baby is coming around mid-August! It's amazing that you realized that
(I say so myself ^^).

By the way, even earlier than that,
Before summer, I have a fall meeting with the department store staff.
At that time, I felt like, ``Oh, Kaneko won't be in stores in the fall.''
Is it because we've been working together for so long? !
AMONG stall
I'm here~ lol by Kaneko

Actually, I was mentally prepared for that, but it was tough. .

What was the hardest part was
Suddenly, as we enter the busy season,
Consultations, meetings, and other things that I used to do every day
Things I suddenly couldn't do anymore.

That's a lot of work!

Ah, but there were times when we could have meetings,
It was difficult because I didn't understand the balance.
How far can you go? What about this? I looked into the situation,
I can't leave it up to you, but I can't help but feel confused.
(Kaneko himself doesn't know what he can do, so I can't tell him.)

"Momo-chan, don't push yourself too hard and take care of your body."
Of course, that being said,
I can't get over it without forcing myself! There was also some confusion.
Even though it's a happy occasion, my head is filled with to-do lists.
I can't afford it!
(Hiroko is not a person of character lol)

I asked Mr. Moon, the longest-serving member of the sales team, to listen to my complaints.
(Thank you, Mr. Bun!)
At a certain point, I felt like I had made up my mind.
There is currently zero work that Kaneko can do, so me and the AMONG team will do it.
Once I understood this from the bottom of my heart, I no longer felt anxious even when I was busy.

I received help from many people.
"If you need anything, let me know."
“I will support Hiroko-san♫”
Thank you for your kind words (tears),
We received messages of encouragement from many people and customers .
I was really grateful.
AMONG stall
Your support is our strength. Thank you very much M!

My workload peaked in October.

Yokohama Takashimaya, Urawa Isetan, and Shinjuku Isetan followed.
It was very busy, but
Every day, I was moved by the growth and dependability of the sales team.

We have also had some mothers who are raising children join our sales team.
Reliable, experienced and motivated.
However, there are time constraints such as when to pick up children.
It's difficult to work because I want to have flexible hours.
It's amazing how many people are raising children while working.

Everyone on the sales team is staying healthy,
It was lively and fun until the end ♫
I was most happy that he said so and worked with me.
By the way, during the busy season, I occasionally received LINE messages from Kaneko saying, "I'm sorry."
It's not about apologizing.
``I feel apologetic when I wear a pregnant woman symbol''
Tomo Kaneko had something to say.
(→ It's like I'm asking you to give me your seat on the train .
No, you can just say, ``Give it to me!'' )
(At the same time, if you can't give up, you can simply say that you're sorry and that you can't give up.
I want to be able to do that)

But I understand that apologetic feeling. . .
Even I feel like I'm sorry.

How difficult it is to raise a child~~~oz

Actually, there is a lot of talk about countermeasures against the declining birthrate,
Seriously, the hurdles are high.
At work, the burden on those around them increases as the pregnant person leaves,
There are also nursery school issues when I return to work,
I think the only thing left to do is to discuss it with each other on a case-by-case basis.
If we didn't have a relationship of trust on a daily basis, it would be quite difficult.
(I feel it when I become a person involved)

I talked with Kaneko,
``Children are raised by society (everyone), aren't they?''
If you don't think about it, wouldn't it be impossible? ! ”
That's what it means.

Countermeasures against the declining birthrate include concrete environmental improvements, as well as
I thought that it was also in each person's heart.
Regardless of who gives birth,
Let's raise our children together,
New life is coming! welcome! The mood is
I thought it would be great if I could create one.
(I don't know what I can do yet)
AMONG shoulder
[Strata] pattern
The color is blue, which means "birth."

While thinking about what 2020 will look like,
AMONG would like to move forward while exploring new forms.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you.
Thank you for this year! !
Happy new year to all of you.

AMONG Hiroko Nakamura
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