A savior appears in Amang!

Hello, this is Kaneko from Amang.

I'm 8 months pregnant and I'm amazed at how big my belly is getting bigger day by day.
In fact, even though it's gotten so big, I still can't feel it lol.
Only 2 more months left ~ I wonder what kind of future awaits ~ AMONG scarf

The one piece I received from Mr. U was a great success!
The cut is so stylish! Thank you very much♪

Now, the future is uncertain every day.
Of course, retail businesses like ours have also been hit hard.
Originally, the spring department store tour had begun,
This is the time of year when stalls sell the most.
Today, March 10th (Tuesday), is the last day of Isetan Tachikawa store!

Thankfully, department stores are open, albeit with reduced hours.
It's a relief that the sales floor hasn't disappeared.

We welcome all our cheerful customers,
So far, there hasn't been a day where I've said, "Wow! Today's sales are zero..."
Customers who buy even at times like this! thank you very much.

So what happens if there are no sales?
This is easy if you imagine, but

Not only will I be unable to make a living, but I will also be unable to place orders for my next project.
As a result, it's over!
If we are unable to place orders, the sales of the factories and craftsmen we do business with will decrease.
You won't be able to hire people. People who are fired lose their jobs.
A vicious cycle.

How important is each individual's shopping?
It has come to light once again.

At times like these, please spend your money on your favorite restaurants and the shops you want to support to help boost the economy.
Even when making a 100 yen purchase at the grocery store, I think it's better to keep in mind that you are the one who is running the economy!
The power of one person is great!


Amang sees this as a ``good opportunity''.
Let's make our online store even better! That's what I think.

It's something I've always wanted to work on,
You can sell it to people all over Japan and all over the world.
There is only room for growth lol

And at this timing when I can't move for a while,
A savior has appeared.
AMONG scarf
His name is "Gen-san".

write ``appear''
“GEN-SAN”! !

That's a good name.

I retired early from a super major company that everyone knows (!)
When you're thinking, "What should I do now?"
Mr. Gen, who will be involved in Among.
AMONG scarf

I'm happy though!
AMONG stall
picture! ?

okay! ?
AMONG stall
Amang is fine! ?

For some time now, Mr.
“I wish I could be involved in something with Amang and help out.”
It seems like he thought so...

Oh, that's right! ?
Oh my God! !
I also have two children!

It seems like Amangu is sensing some kind of light.
Thank you very much for this timing!
Oh, that's reassuring.

I will be able to give birth with more and more peace of mind.


A few months ago, Nakamura (Hiroko) muttered.
AMONG scarf
“Ah, I wish there was someone who could do sales and internet stuff.”

Yes, it appeared.
Salesman, can also use the internet...
AMONG scarf
"GEN-SAN"! !

came out! Hiroko's strength of pull.
It seems like we have come this far lol

What I learned when I started Amang:
For now, try to voice your hopes and wishes.

how? Or what kind?

Let's leave that aside.
(Most of the time, thoughts get in the way. I think that's the point.)

And then, I just threw my hopes out there,
We will do our best to do what we can.
(This is also a key point. Think calmly about what you can do now.)

And then there was that hope! It often comes from the other side in the form of. Lol, and in a way I could never have imagined.
(In this case, I can't imagine Mr. Current retiring early,
We can't even imagine ourselves getting involved with Amang, especially since there are no guarantees...)

I can only imagine that it will expand in more and more interesting directions from now on!

Since Mr. Current is a man, we have created more unisex products,
We would like to expand in areas that we have not thought of.
AMONG scarf
“Gen-san! What do you want to do in Amang?”
AMONG scarf
“Going global!”

At times like this, I actually can't stop feeling excited.
And that is evident from the current person as

I love seeing people come alive!
On the other hand, when I see someone with dead fish eyes, I get really worried.

Hey hey, are you okay? Is that okay?
I also worry about people I don't know lol

I want to create a world where everyone can live their lives with shining eyes.
I think things will go well then.
(Roughly too big ambition lol)

However, if you keep going, a lot of interesting things will happen.
Someone somewhere will be watching and will be involved at some point.
It's fun to keep going. It has been almost 6 years since Amang was founded.
I never expected to see a view like this!

Thanks to our customers who always support us.
thank you.

Have a nice day today too!

AMONG Momoko Kaneko


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