What I had a blind spot when I started making things

It's hard to believe that the days when it's difficult to go out will continue for such a long time...


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Amangu has been creating products with a focus on items that people wear when they go out.

Convenient to put a water bottle in the side pocket! There is also a pocket on the other side.
Tote bag M size (with side pockets) "Geological stratum birth (gear pattern)"

There are many discoveries to be made when you go outside.

When I meet new people and things, and when I come into contact with a variety of ideas, I find myself deviating from my own assumptions.

I felt lighter when I realized how small the problem I was currently facing...

That's why I love going abroad.

Of course, I also like spending time at home.

In fact, we have fewer opportunities to go out and more time to work from home.

I want to make new Amang items that can be used around the house...

Things that are always by your side when you are at home...

“Ah, mug!”

My current favorites are a yellow mug and a red mug.

This is from the Teema series by Iittala, and the yellow color is nice and gives me a lot of energy, so I just can't help but pick it up.

Color has a big influence.

This is made by Ryota Aoki, a potter, and has a vermilion-like but deep color. And I really like the matte finish to the touch. I bought this because the store told me that this color was already out of stock. I'm glad I bought it. I like it.

I use these two everyday,

I want to choose a variety of mugs depending on my mood that day! (It's also true that there are some that I don't use much.)

It would be nice to have a mug with the Amang pattern.

We will create mugs that will brighten your heart and accompany you every day! !

So, I'm working on it now.

I lined up the mugs I borrowed as samples.
The handkerchief underneath is a cotton linen handkerchief called ``Kanna Kibo''.
It dries quickly and I like it and use it often.
You can also use it without ironing if you stretch it out when drying it.

I use it primarily as a handkerchief to wipe my hands, but I also wrap it around my head.

The wind is amazing.

This is my first attempt at tableware.

When the item changes, I learn how to make it from scratch.

It's easy to think about what colors to use and how many patterns to make because it's similar to stencil dyeing.

The problem is inventory.

And the place to put it.

Furthermore, how to sell it?

We live in an era where you can make anything you want.

This may be obvious to those who have done it, but I think there are some who don't know about it, so I'll introduce it to you.

There is a system called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing), which allows people who want to make what they want to make to have it made at a factory that has the equipment and know-how. If you pay.

We are now in an era where products can be made in very small quantities (small lots).

However, the guideline is probably around 100 pieces.

(It depends on the item you want to make)

If the number is less than that, it may become expensive or the offer may not be accepted.

If you were to put yourself in the producer's shoes, you would want to do business with a company that makes a lot of products if it takes the same amount of time and effort.

Yeah, I understand. That's right.

I want you to order thousands or tens of thousands of units.

It's easier to make the same thing over and over again.

You can make just about anything, including apparel, food, cosmetics, and stationery. If you do a little research on the internet, you'll find it.

Come to think of it, I once tried to make a wristwatch...

In the end, I didn't make it to commercialization, but...

When I first decided to make a stall,

I visited a textile printing factory in Yokohama that I still use today.

While I was talking with the sales person, the chairman also came in the middle of the conversation.

"A lot of people like you guys want to make it! But it's difficult to sell. If you sell it, I'll make as much as I want!"

The words you said.

That's true, and it's really difficult.

Seven years later, it still touches my heart.

Even though there is no basis or proof

Amangu immediately replied, “I’m selling it!”

I was lucky to have my stole dyed.

(Let's explore sales channels in advance! LOL)

A textile printing factory in Yokohama. No matter how many times I see this view, it warms my heart!

This is what it will look like↓

Stole made of 100% cotton material with ``3 years of peach chestnuts, 8 years of persimmons, and changes''.
This is a rectangular stole , but there is also a square scarf .
Her face looks bright♪ Kaneko is 154cm tall.

That's why the stall is good because you can fold it up and store it.

The bag is also generally flat.

"Strata/Birth" S size tote bag.
Beautiful blue that seems to draw you in! It's like being in the sea.

I didn't start thinking this far, but

I was grateful for how many times the product went flat.

I had made an umbrella before.

It was very satisfying and sold out quickly. (thank you!)

But, but!

Umbrellas are heavy! And bulky! (Just an umbrella lol)

It was difficult to transport several bottles.

You may have one or two umbrellas hanging on your arm, but never 10.

It's quite heavy so try it out~

I once saw a long-established umbrella store cleaning up at an event, and it looked like it was a big job. I guess if you're used to it, it's normal and you don't think it's a big deal.

It looks really heavy if you put it all in a box! The warehouse looks amazing...

Another thing that shocked me was that the straw hat shop's cardboard box was unbelievably large (the size could fit about 10 people lol), and my eyes widened at the back of the department store.

(However, it doesn't seem to be that heavy. That's why it's so big. Don't pack too many heavy things into a big box. The person carrying it will die.)

You can hold an event with about three of these cardboard boxes.
It's heavy though!
By the way , the scarf that Nakamura wears on his head is "Sun and Moon/Moonlight Bathing". The mask is "Kumo/SKY". (The way the pattern comes out is different one by one)

When making things, be aware of the weight and volume of the object♪

There are warehouse issues, transportation issues, and if it's an online sale, there are shipping issues such as what kind of packaging and how to send it.

It's surprisingly easy to make. you can do it if you try.

Where should we manage it and how should we deliver it to our customers? This is a world that is invisible to the consumer, but this is quite a problem.

There are factories that handle everything from manufacturing to delivery, and warehouses that only handle delivery. Currently, Amangu also handles inventory management and delivery. I want to somehow fix the system, but I'm worried that it won't be easy.

Getting back to the topic, it depends on how many mugs you make, but they do take up a lot of space!

By the way, we are still at the stage of confirming the manufacturing method and estimating the cost.

I'll make it cute

Once it's completed, we'll let you know as soon as possible on Amang's LINE♪



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