2021 first haunt

The first pop-up in Oiso was canceled due to the declaration of a state of emergency. To everyone who was looking forward to it, we hope to see you again!
Happy new year
I wonder what will happen this year. I wonder what kind of year it will be.
It's the beginning that everyone will surely think so.
But now that I think about it, it's always the same when you can't see the future!
In fact, I can't see what's ahead lol. Have you ever seen it? lol
After Kaneko's pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing, I have no choice but to flexibly change myself as the situation changes! That's what I feel these days.
I think Kaneko probably thinks so too.
Babies change tremendously every day.
Let's become even more flexible in 2021.
AMONG stall
person blown by strong wind
Now! The first POPUP of the new year will start from Oiso.
We received an invitation from a kimono shop in Kyoto called "Kyo Gofuku Miyashita".
AMONG will be appearing in Oiso for two days, January 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun).
Have you ever been to Oiso?
A place that I feel like I would like to live in. I haven't been there yet lol.
Speaking of Shogetsu in Oiso, it is a historic restaurant that was loved by literary figures.
This is a restaurant!
Just going to a place like that makes my heart pound...
But if I miss this opportunity, I don't think I'll ever step foot in it.
I would like to experience Japanese culture once in a while (me lol)
So, I decided to sell AMONG items!
This is a separate room next to the dining area.
That's a nice ceiling
We recommend that you come dressed in neat clothes, as if you were going out to a hotel.
You can also apply for a tea ceremony.
Apparently, you can enjoy special Japanese sweets and matcha tea from Kyoto while sitting in a chair (3000 yen).
(Tea experience! It's perfect for the New Year ^^
If you are interested, please contact Mr. Miyashita by email or phone in advance.
Phone: 090-4761-0923 mail: )
There will be a village all day long on both days, so feel free to come along!
The situation is not quite calm, so we are waiting for you with more preparation than usual.
AMONG mask and stole
It was so windy that I tried matching it with a zzz mask and sneakers.
No application required for POPUP!
However, if you are coming, I would be happy if you could send me a message.
If you have any convenience, please show your curiosity and bring it with you◎
●Date and time
January 23rd (Sat) 10:00-17:00
Sunday, January 24th 10:00-16:00
●Location: Shogetsu (in front of JR Oiso Station)
871 Oiso, Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
See you soon~~!
Hiroko Nakamura


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