A story about how changing your habits can lead you to a different world.

Long time no see! This is Kaneko from Amang.

I am struggling with raising my child for the first time.

Thanks to you, my son is growing fast and is almost 9 months old.

I was able to do something today that I couldn't do yesterday! By repeating this process, we are expanding the scope of our activities at an incredible speed.

As a result, I couldn't take my eyes off her, and I was running out of time to breathe a sigh of relief, leaving Nakamura in charge of Amang. (Thank you as always, Hiroko!)

But humans are amazing. The baby who was just born the other day is about to stand up.

AMONG pumpkin pants

I made a prototype of once-in-a-lifetime pumpkin pants 🍓

It's still in the sample stage, but I wonder if it can be sold for around 3,300 yen? Under consideration.

It's cute that parents can wear eco bags, handkerchiefs, and masks, and children can wear matching pumpkin pants.It also makes a great gift when you combine them.

AMONG pumpkin pants

Does anyone want it? ?

Everyone, including me, has had a time like this! It's kind of strange...

Then, from about 7 to 8 months old, I was suffering from waking up crying every 1-2 hours in the middle of the night.

I didn't want her to cry too much at night, so I managed to get through it by using "crying breast feeding" (a method where both parent and child breastfeed while sleeping), which stopped crying quickly, but I finally reached my limit! (Because you hardly sleep...)

All day long, my mind was racing, I was irritable for no reason, I had no energy to cook, and I was in a lethargic state for a while, feeling like I just didn't care about anything. It's in a terrible state.

Curious about cloves. I wonder if I'll become a spice boy. Don't spill it.

Every day I feel like it's hard, but by then it has become normal, and raising children is hard, there are hard times, different children have different sleeping hours, just for now, just for now. ,, I was telling myself.

However, apparently some children around the same age sleep for 12 hours straight.


Wow, that's a huge difference! ! !

It's no longer something I envy, it's something I aspire to.

bright! ! !

At that time, a senior mom told me, ``If you're eating plenty of baby food, night weaning is recommended!''

“Night weaning”?

This was the first time I heard the word.

When I looked into it, I found out that at this age, my baby is able to sleep through the night without breastfeeding, so breastfeeding actually makes it easier for him to sleep.

What surprised me most was that by taking a good nap, I was able to sleep better at night.


Wouldn't it be better to move more during the day and sleep better at night? Isn't it rather the opposite?

It seems that the amount of time a baby can stay awake is determined by their age. My son now spends 2 to 2 and a half hours. (Wow, that's short!)

Exceeding this limit can actually make it difficult for your child to fall asleep and cause him to cry at night, so it is best to let your child take a nap before this limit is exceeded.

I thought that the number of naps had naturally decreased since he was able to crawl, but it seems that his parents had to coax him to sleep properly.

Actually, I don't know that!

But now that I know, I have no choice but to do it anyway. Try.

Set up a daytime rhythm, and train your baby to sleep without feeding even if he cries at night. Of course, parents are also prepared for lack of sleep.

It seems that she will start sleeping through the night in about 3 days to 2 weeks. By the child. (The period is wide. We can do it in 3 days!? We can do it!?)

It's true that for the first three days, I cried like it was the end of the world because I didn't have the breasts I was supposed to get if I cried. Sorry to all the neighbors! Even though I thought that, my heart was filled with demons. I managed to get him to sleep by holding him or using a balance ball, and as I kept repeating this process, his sleeping time became longer and longer.

That's amazing, night weaning! !

Halfway through, I started to enjoy checking how many hours I had slept, and I got excited when I looked at the clock in the dark. My mother is a light sleeper after all.

After about a week, I started sleeping from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am. Oh my god!

Parents can also sleep for 5.6 hours at a time Tears

Our family is in a different world than we were a week ago.

Sleep is important! ! !

Necessary for humans to be human.

I'm glad that I was able to learn this eye-opening information at a time when I was at the very edge of my physical and mental energy, but I'm surprised that there are quite a few people who don't know about it.

In this day and age, there is little interaction between mothers, and we do not receive much information about childcare. It would be nice if I had the energy to go out and get new information on my own, but I usually have my hands full every day and don't have the energy to do so.

So, although it was long, I decided to write it on this blog. I hope it helps someone someday!

It is difficult to change beliefs and habits.

However, changing something requires energy at first, but it was an event that made me realize that if you try, you can go to a completely different future.

My world is made up of assumptions and habits.



I turned a cotton linen handkerchief ( once in a lifetime_beginning ) into a tissue case🍓
Just wrapped it.

see you~!

AMONG Momoko Kaneko


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