Nakameguro at the beginning

A typhoon is approaching! In the morning, I put on my raincoat and cleaned up the things on the balcony. I'm glad I finished shipping the products to Niigata Isetan yesterday!

We count and pack the items while adding prices and checking to see if there are any naans in the items.

➡︎Niigata Isetan is open from October 6th (Wednesday) to October 19th (Tuesday) . This is my first time in Niigata. If you are in the area, please come and visit us 🎵

Well, tomorrow (10/2) and the day after tomorrow (10/3) there will be a POPUP in Nakameguro ◎It looks like the typhoon will pass and the weather will be nice (not today, but Yokatta!).

Nakameguro POPUP is located in the same location where they started their shop in 2016 (that's 5 years ago! Surprising...). AMONG has history. It is now a gallery space where brands like us that don't have a fixed shop can do pop-ups for a limited time or hold events.

⬆︎Photo taken at the time of opening. I would like to write about why I decided to open a shop in this location.

Originally, this place is owned by a friend of mine from college (he's been working at a real estate company. It's so cool to have a space like this!).

Five years ago in September, my girlfriend contacted me and said, ``The previous shop will be relocating, so it will be vacant from the beginning or middle of next month.'' So we decided to rent it as a long-term POPUP space for a month.

⬆︎We also made clothes to order. Now I'm thinking of making something like a colorful shirt coat in a new style, what do you think? ?

I didn't have the funds to prepare for the opening, but I definitely wanted it to be a conceptual and wonderful space.

But I don't have time! ! lol

At the time, Kaneko was living on Hachijojima ( history included in AMONG ), and they came up with the concept for the store while meeting remotely. I wanted advice, so I consulted as many people as I could, and with my sketchbook in hand I thought about the layout and the design and size of the fixtures.

⬆︎We also have the same handkerchief with some redesigns. The chrysanthemum handkerchief pictured in the upper right is also perfect for autumn.

I was thinking of making the necessary fixtures (tables, etc.) by hand. However, it's definitely not possible without someone with experience teaching you! I would be in trouble if the legs came off while I was using it (lol)! So I consulted my friend K, who had an idea about furniture.

Then, he introduced me to a serious craftsman (tears), and after some exchange, he decided to make it for me (tears, tears).

"Nice to meet you!" We met face to face two weeks before the opening.

This is so unreasonable... Mr. F and Mr. Y... Thank you... I can only be grateful.

After that, when I called the craftsman, the first thing he said to me was "It's impossible!" (I haven't said anything yet!).

I use the table they made for me to take product photos. I will cherish it for the rest of my life!

⬆︎Ina 's "Oishiine!" scarf is now a classic and popular 🌾

From Hachijojima, the cafe owner borrowed a nice basket and gave us some plants. Kurohime in Nagano Prefecture, with whom I had a good relationship, sent me plant vines and stumps (you can see them in the photo above, and I still use them today!). We also received plants and chairs from M-chan, the owner of a Lomi Lomi salon that was operating nearby.

⬆︎The plants, baskets, and tables in the photo are all thanks to many people.

During the setup, we formed a team and helped with all the preparations, including wrapping fabric on hangers and polishing window glass.

⬆︎Nakamura grins through the mirror. Actually, it's a lot of fun.

What happened to the shop after that was that it was supposed to last one month, but it lasted about eight months. Along the way, I realized that "no matter how much I waited, no one would come!" (This is simple but true!), so I exhibited at a joint exhibition called "PLUG IN" held in March of the following year.

⬆︎Kaneko under construction. I'm so desperate that I don't have any decent photos lol!

So, we approached a buyer from a department store, and we were able to open a POPUP store at Matsuya Ginza, Shinjuku Isetan, and Yokohama Takashimaya.

The store closed because it was not possible to open a department store and a shop at the same time (as it was our first time opening a store, we didn't have a sales team yet), and because the shop was not profitable (rents are expensive, right?). did.

⬆︎A scene from Matsuya Ginza, where we opened our first store. I was so nervous it was scary. And now we have been able to open many stores.

Looking back over the past five years, AMONG has had changes in both Kaneko and Nakamura's private lives, and members have joined to form a team.

I was able to meet new customers, and I also met some wonderful seniors who gave me great advice. In 2020, major changes have come around the world due to the coronavirus. AMONG has of course been influenced by this, and we are currently exploring and changing what we can do.

By the way, the members of the team are changing as they start other jobs, and these days I'm thinking that I would like to borrow more and more help from other people. Takanocchi, who has been joining us since January of this year, decided that he wanted to do work related to English (he was originally working on English teaching materials), so he decided to join the company until early October (from now on, he will outsource English-related work). I'll let you do it 🎵).

⬆︎Thank you, Takanocchi, who made the strata. I received support at lightning speed🔥. What she's wearing is the "Jiamin_Moment" stole .

Message: The strata formed by small stone grains over a long period of time have a unique appearance. It's amazing how these moments accumulate and when you look back, they form something. Let's create some wonderful moments.

Exactly... For those of you who are reading this, if you think back on it, you will notice that there have been many changes over the past 4-5 years (sometimes it was like a wave, sometimes it was gradual...). What do you think? ?

It's not the end of the year, but it's nice to stop and reflect. There's a typhoon today, and the seasons are changing, and times like these are good times.

Tomorrow (10/2) and the day after tomorrow (10/3), we will be holding a 2-day POPUP in Nakameguro .

We also have new color stole scarves in exciting magenta pink and cute once-in-a-lifetime items for adults!

⬆︎Deep, dark, and cool magenta pink. I wanted to make one because good pink is so rare. It's a color that looks great on your face and is a must-have color! There are stoles and scarves .

⬆︎The new “once in a lifetime” strawberry pattern color is a soft and exquisite gray tone. The stole and scarf were made just as I had imagined. Due to the fabric, there are only a few items in stock , so if the timing is not right for you, please visit our online shop.

All AMONG items come with a message, hoping to provide you with tips for living a happy life. Please come if you have the time. I would be happy if you could find the perfect item for yourself while listening to my current situation. If you are unsure, we will also give you advice like “This is it!” ^^

●POP UP SHOP● October 2nd (Sat) 12:00-18:00 / October 3rd (Sun) 11:00-16:00 KAHOO Gallery, 2-8-8 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

⬆︎About 2 minutes walk from Nakameguro Station. There are two ticket gates, but it takes about the same amount of time to exit either way, and you can get directions with a Google search. We look forward to! (Nakamura)

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